How Do You Feel About The Big O ?

I’m a serial Overachiever (big “O”). Again and again, regardless of what I have done in my career, I have worn this handle with certainty. I’m proud to say I am an overachiever and consider it a badge of honor. I might even consider my big O a labor of love. While some might call me and others like me, workaholics, instead, I’d like to think my passion fires me wildly; at least I have completely convinced myself this is the case.

Work hard. Stay humble. Be nice.

I ask anyone looking at me with a critical eye to think about the benefits of being an underachiever? I see none. So, why not go big O or go home. My purpose is expressed through my push. Why not work as hard as possible, set uncommonly lofty goals and shoot for the stratosphere? It’s how we big O's roll, there's no middle ground.

My purpose is expressed through my push.

Maybe you still have your big O training wheels on (or maybe you have never been to an Overachiever’s Anonymous meeting). Not yet convinced you actually have been bitten by the overachiever bug? See how you compare. If you can relate to the majority of overachiever traits below, you have been stricken. Welcome to the big O.

Hard work has a future payoff. Laziness pays off now.
  1. You are as likely to get an email response from an overachiever at 3:30AM as 3:30PM. Overachievers do not understand the concept of normal office hours.

  2. Any task that gets completed that wasn’t on a to do list is added to the to do list so that it can be crossed off, if you are an overachiever.

  3. Overachievers are not exactly sure how food fits into their day. They are quite adept at driving with their knees while scarfing down a quick meal or eating while standing at the sink. Overachievers will likely discover it’s dinner time when they still haven’t eaten lunch yet.
  4. An iPhone is the preferred timepiece of an overachiever. A watch, if worn at all, is considered jewelry.
  5. On vacation, overachievers usually need to rest when they return home since they packed 10 days of activities into 5 days. Overachievers work hard and play hard.
  6. Even before both eyes can focus, overachievers are checking their email, social media channels and messages from bed.
  7. Overachievers check web analytics and social statistics including Likes, Shares, Connections, Page Views and Followers at least ten times an hour.
  8. If there is a chance for a reward, trophy or certificate, you can count on an overachiever to be a part of the action.

  9. With laser focus, overachievers tend to work non-stop to achieve their goals. They live by the motto, “I’ll sleep when I am dead.”

  10. Although life may seem to be a spiraling series of tasks to complete, non-stop work to get done and loads of responsibility, overachievers have it all organized. They can keep track of twenty five open items, nine hundred emails to return and a call log a mile long.

  11. Imagine sitting at your computer returning calls and emails while ignoring your bladder screaming at you. Overachievers always want to get one more task completed before answering nature’s call.

  12. Even as a full grown adult, overachievers still call their mom to say, “Look at me, look at me.” You’re never too old to get a pat on the back from your mom.

  13. There is no such thing as, “It’s just business.” When overachievers are given criticism, they consider it a personal attack and almost immediately go on the defensive. It’s the well trained overachiever that takes a deep breath and thinks before he reacts.

  14. To an overachiever, the glass is never half empty, it’s half filled with opportunity, promise and positivity. And if there is not enough water to fill the rest of the glass, they will dig a new well.

  15. When it comes to conversation, an overachiever’s favorite subject is themselves or at least the latest project they are working on. Overachievers can always spin a story into a moral involving their message.

  16. While a majority of overachievers believe that capitalism is king, most also would do what they do free because they are so passionate about the path they are on.
  17. If you want to learn a skill, become an entrepreneur, a C-Suite employee or learn from the best in the business, ask an overachiever. But be prepared to hear their story, because overachievers have no problem telling you how they got to where they are.

  18. Overachievers are usually from parents that are overachievers. Their parents where right there on the sidelines either yelling, “You can do it,” or “What kind of call was that?”

  19. There is a huge gray line between family, social and business time. Overachievers are usually checking their phone for emails, voicemail, and calling the office, even when on vacation. It’s not that they feel like they can’t leave their work at work, it’s that they love it so much it doesn’t feel like work.

  20. Overachievers live a life of Fire. Fire. Fire. Ready. Aim.

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