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Post #3 Tools, Tips, Tricks: Google Alerts, Time Management, Found Savings

Tool: Google Alerts. If you want to own your brand and see what the world is saying about you, sign up for Google Alerts. Google will automatically send you an email whenever there are new results for your search. It's also great if you are keeping tabs on news in your industry, news or information about your competition or to stay current with anything else. Although Google walks you through the process step by step, Lifewire can help you here as well.

Tip: Manage Energy, Not Time. If you are like most people today, much of your day is spent in front of the computer. Regardless of the type of work you do, your energy level can drop considerably as your day goes on. Instead of managing your work day by looking at the clock, manage your energy level instead by listening to your body. For example, my brain slows considerably approximately 3pm. I used to fight off the urge to and push through it, getting my work done. For me, I discovered if I take a 15-20 minute break (nap, walk, yoga) instead of downing a cup of coffee, sugary soda or energy drink, I can return to work refreshed, awake and productive, without feeling sluggish later on. Check out this tip and many more at Entrepreneur.com

Trick: Forced Savings, Made Easy. With every deposit you make in the bank, set aside 3-5% (or more) right off the top. Open an account at the same bank and call it your Profit First account. You will never miss the money, it's a small enough that I don't feel it, but big enough to make a dent in any special purchases I want to make down the road. Next month it will 100% finance a great vacation, guilt free! I learned this trick, and other money savings tactics from Mike Michalowicz. Mike was a guest on my Nice Guys on Business podcast (episode #203) several months ago. Mike's advice and more practical tips for building profit are available on his website.

Invest in as much of yourself as you can. You are your own biggest asset by far.
— Warren Buffett



4 People You Must Follow If You Want To Get the Most Out of You in 2017

As a fan of the four business leaders I note in this post, I follow each of them because of their vast knowledge and their attention to fine detail. But what I love most about all of them is their sincere desire to do the right thing, consistently. These four leaders are kind, sincere, genuine and willing to lend advice and information, even when they have no financial stake in the game. These qualities make them far more than good business people...they are good people. Period.

Since following them, I often referred to their posts and advice to help move my business forward.  Recently, I asked all four a question: When making decisions, how do you feel about the importance of doing the right thing? The email I drafted was simple, and I knew, with certainty, my question would get amazing responses from them. I asked Judi Holler, Rob Jolles, Shep Hyken and Marty Wolff to help with this week's post. Here are their responses:

Your brand is not what you say it is, it is what your market says it is. Get the most out of your brand and follow Judi Holler. Judi has been a friend for the past several years and I have been a fan of her video posts and Friday Fab Five emails for quite some time. Not only is she a great writer, Judi is an incredible speaker as well, bringing her improv speaking style to the stage nationwide.

The world is WAY too connected and if you are naughty, we will find you out. If you really want to earn trust, if you really want to have a great life and build a great business ... you have to show up and you must do the right thing ... every time.
— Judi Holler

I was originally introduced to Rob Jolles without fully knowing the tremendous impact Rob would have on my life. Rob not only helped me outline my book, Nice Guys Finish First, but he wrote the foreword for my book, has helped me launch my speaking career and most importantly, proven to me that hard work, dedication and doing the right thing is always in vogue. His BLArticles (Blog/Article) are bi-weekly lessons in business and life. Not only will you enjoy his writing, but you will find yourself putting into practice many of the ideas Rob writes about.

We all need to be on guard when our inner voice of ethical guidance is countered by another voice that tries to rationalize a set of behaviors that, deep down, we know is not right.
— Rob Jolles

Entertaining, engaging and so very WOW! That's how the world of customer service describes its top expert, Shep Hyken. With decades of experience training and speaking to world class organizations like Eveready, Applebee's, Aetna, Avis and hundreds more, Shep is a man worth quoting and worth knowing. Implementing even a short list of Shep's teachings will put your organization on track to exceed customer expectations.

Jiminy Cricket said, ‘Always let your conscience be your guide.’ That’s all about doing the right thing, which is crucial to building relationships, trust and business.
— Shep Hyken

Marty Wolff is probably one of the most well rounded business pros on the street today. Marty knows marketing, sales, and all aspects of business operations. He has a podcast and blog and shares his insights regularly. If you have a pressing business challenge, Marty is capable of putting his skill set to work or making you aware of the resources needed to get the job done. As a valuable team player, Marty is an incredible utility player and a go-to problem solver.

If you have to have a meeting to decide what the right thing to do is, I suggest you spend that time revisiting what you and your company stand for.
— Marty Wolff

Please share in the comments section below any blogs or people that you follow as well and the impact they have made in your life.



10 Inspiring and Slightly Offbeat Quotes

I had an opportunity to interview Pratima Aravabhoomi, founder of Craft Street Design. Pratima and her team know that meaningful words can have a huge impact on the way we all live our busy lives. The words we share with others and say to ourselves can make the difference between failure and success. Stay tuned to The Nice Guys on Business podcast to hear the interview, coming soon.

Read more about the Craft Street Design story directly on their website. Enter a drawing to win a wood block filled with 12 quotes (the 10 below plus two bonus quotes), exclusively picked for my Nice Guy blog readers (that's you), by clicking here.

Enter a drawing to win a framed quote exclusively picked for my Nice Guy blog readers by clicking here.


"Your biggest obstacle is the 6 inches between your ears." Get out of your own way, let your passion guide you, stop the negative self-talk and watch success find you.

"The key to success is knowing which door your passion unlocks." Wake and work with passion and enthusiasm for all that awaits you around every corner.

"Find a way or find an excuse, you can't do both." Having a positive mindset can take you far. Believe in yourself and anything is within reach.

"I used to be a thinkabouter, now I'm a getitdoner." Take action, get it done, daily. The conditions will never be perfect. Just go for it.

"High touch trumps high tech every time." For now and always, be a human being and remember the importance of being a real person. Be genuine, authentic and totally you.

"You are bound to make mistakes, it's what happens next that really counts." Human beings make mistakes, do not beat yourself up. Be accountable and responsible when you make a mistake. Apologize and do your best to not make the same mistake again.

"Don't look back, you're not going that way." Stay focused on what is coming and do not look back. If you've "burned the boats," you will only have one option -- FORWARD.

"Why be normal when you can be WOWmal." Over deliver at being amazing. With each and every encounter, be the best you can be. Wow your customers and your co-workers and you will find yourself consistently on top.

"Be a rockstar, even if the only one hearing you sing is you." When your business is still new, you MUST believe in yourself. In the beginning you will be looking forward to customers, followers and people to help, but even if no one surfaces, believe what you are doing is right and believe YOU are a rockstar.

"Shoulda, woulda, coulda, killzya." Stop saying, "one day." Today is your day to take action. Whether you think you can or you can't, you are right. Make it happen right now...what are you waiting for?