Lip Service

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While I would like to feel confident that any professional would think before he speaks, through experience, I find this may not always be the case. Take a moment before you let words fly and think about the impact of the words you are using as well as the attitude you are projecting.

Stop using or greatly curb the number of industry buzzwords you use. It makes your customers, vendor partners and others feel stupid if they don't follow along. If you think buzzwords make you sound professional, add value to your conversation or help you to be seen as the expert, keep in mind that statistically 75% of the buzzwords you use will land on ears that do not understand them. When in doubt, imagine your audience is in third grade.

Be sure brain is engaged before putting mouth in gear.

Learn how to take a compliment. Now that you feel good, turn the compliment around and make the giver feel good too. It's so much better to spread the love than to keep it all for yourself. For example, "Doug, thanks so much for listening to me and making your blog shorter and providing concrete action items," said Susan. "It's the least I could do," said Doug.  "Thank you for reading my blog and for making the suggestions to help me improve. You rock!"

Be humble, share credit. Reflect credit to those on your team. Keep in mind you got to where you are because the support of so many others. When you pass the praise on to others, (word will spread quickly) they are more likely to want to help and support you again as well. Being humble while sharing credit takes your ego out of the game and again helps you project the value of teamwork while growing your business. 

I'd love to hear about the lip service that you have gotten (or given) and any examples you can provide to the Nice Guy Community to help us grow our relationships.

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