How to Break Your Monster Habits

Monster habits are hard to break. You've lived with them most of your life. Whether it be procrastination, lateness, over-committing or any number of other monster habits, they are not easily broken. Although there is a certain comfort in working with these habits, many of them are the cause of failed goals, lost opportunity and fear. These same habits are the exact reason why your business, your personal life and your past activity and results are not putting you precisely where your dreams and vision place you.

For a moment, put behind you the reason for having your monster bad habit and put the focus on breaking the monster habit. Take a few moments to determine which plan of action (or all of them) would work well for you.

Replace the monster habit with a new action. Let's take procrastination as an example. When faced with a project at work, the preferred path might be to head over to social media first, check out Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others before starting the project. Instead of doing that, replace your first impulse with tackling a point or two from the project before you check social media. Make social media your reward instead of your starting point. Monster habits are hard to break and since procrastination is a biggie, give yourself time to accomplish breaking this monster habit.

Avoid the easy monster fix. If one of your monster habits is drinking too much (caffeine) coffee, take the easy impulse action of making coffee out of your life and make the process challenging or more difficult for you.  By having easy access to coffee systems like Keurig at your fingertips, 3 or 4 cups a day is a no brainer. Instead, purchase whole bean coffee, grind only what you will be using for a single cup and make the process more difficult. Make your monster habits more challenging and breaking the monster habit will be easier to do.

Monsters hate teams. Join forces with someone who has their own monsters in the closet and work hard, together, to break your monster habits. When you have a "partner in crime" you not only have the ability to help someone else break their monster habits, but you have someone to help hold you accountable as well. If lateness is a a monster habit you are trying to break, work closely with someone, sharing with them your calendar for the week and let them share with you, their schedule. Talk about a plan of action to avoid being late, the action steps you will both take to get out the door, in time, and the rewards you will share when you accomplish the task. Lateness is a monster habit that not only effects you, but your bottom line as well.

Monsters thrive on negative self talk. Reduce your negative self talk and talk to yourself positively. You are what you think and if you allow the monsters to take over, positive actions, positive thoughts and positive outcomes will be a huge challenge for you. Don't expect success to always come on the first try. Although that might be the case, give yourself time to break the monster habits. Do a good job and you will keep the monsters where they belong, on the silver screen and sci-fi features