Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

Relationships can be challenging. Actually they can be downright difficult, challenging, amazing, intense, frustrating, beautiful, exhilarating, painful, wonderful and disappointing.  And that’s just in the first week. There is so much to remember, so much to do, and so much not to do. How can we ever really expect to learn it all?  At 51 I thought I would have it figured out by now, and on the days that I thought I knew all the answers, apparently they changed all of the questions.  There is not an official manual on building relationships or any authority on falling in love.  There is however, a variety of rock and roll song titles that can be used to describe the mysteries locked within the subject of love.

Whatever words I say, I will always love you.
— Adele


Let’s take a look at some of aspects of True Love and try to explain exactly What’s Love Got To Do With It.  When we first witness the Power of Love, we realize the intense amount of emotion is overwhelming, much more than one person can possibly handle. Our entire world revolves around when we can be with our partner and how long we can be with them. It doesn’t matter where, when or how, we just want them with us, all the time. Just the smell of their hair gets us excited.  As our relationship intensifies we may not even be aware that we are Crazy In Love. Without a second thought we will stay up all night talking on the phone or go out of our way 40 miles just to catch a glimpse of our partner. We will snuggle with them until sunrise, regardless of our work schedule. Our priorities get totally whacked out and all we want is more, more, more of our lover.

In the beginning of our relationship, as love is just being born, we want to wait for just the right opportunity to spring the L-O-V-E word on our partner. Too soon and they might not reciprocate, ouch. Too late and maybe the relationship will go stale or our partner will think we don’t care enough, soon enough.  In today’s Modern Love, gents, don’t hold back, if you feel it,  and you think the timing is right, drop the “L” word on her. It’s ok to be romantic, sensitive and caring. If words like amazing, passionate and nurturing are used when your lover is talking to their best friend, describing you, you’re in the right zone.

However far away, I will always love you.
— The Cure

As your relationship matures, understand that your partner has feelings, fears and emotions too. Allow your partner room to have opinions and to be their own person. If you feel as though you are a Victim of Love, change your perspective. It’s not always about you. Your partner comes into the relationship (as you do) with baggage, we all have baggage. This baggage was created years ago from childhood or possibly from an abusive relationship, having nothing to do with you. True love is about being supportive, loving and empathetic. When you witness something uncharacteristic surfacing in your lover’s personality, be there for your partner, get rid of the Love Stinks attitude and understand your partner is not trying to hurt you. Nurture your relationship and watch your love Soar. You may think you are on a Love Roller Coaster, but instead you are on a beautiful journey to Unconditional Love.

Love is great, love is kind, Love is Tender. The best kind of love is a True Love. When you finally find your Love of a Lifetime, you will know Love is the Answer.