How to Avoid Common SEO Pitfalls for Local Businesses


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex yet necessary strategy for every online company. If you want to drive traffic, boost your brand awareness, and increase your conversion rate, you must embark on an effective SEO campaign. To do so, you should start by learning how to avoid the common SEO pitfalls for local businesses.

Low Quality Content

Many business owners make the big mistake of underestimating the importance of high-quality content. Not only can low-quality copy encourage visitors to click away from your site, but you might also be penalized in the search engines for unhelpful, poorly-written web content.

You must focus on writing exceptional content across all pages and blogs. What’s more, your business should also feature basic pages, such as a homepage, about us, testimonials, and contact us. Also, you should feature a primary page for a main service, as well as pages for each of their locations. Only publish original, intelligent, and informative copy that will convince a customer to invest in a product or service.

A Multisite Approach

Many local businesses are often tempted to create multiple websites for separate locations and services. It’s a mistake to think this will allow you to rank broadly for exact match domains. Why? Because your company’s marketing efforts be spread too thin, as you’ll create average SEO and social campaigns for multiple websites, rather than building a single, powerful brand. What’s more, it’s a little bit dishonest, as you’re attempting to convince the consumer that the websites are separate companies.

URL Limitations

Your domain name can often determine your rank and traffic in the search engine result pages. That’s why it’s essential not to limit your URL to one facet of your local business, especially if you have plans to expand your products, services, or geography. Always pick a domain name that will allow your business to grow online in the future; otherwise, you might be forced to start over from scratch.

Unhelpful Technologies

There are certain website development technologies that can unfortunately prevent your site from being discovered, indexed, or crawled by Google. For instance, a website created completely from Flash will provide both technical issues for both the search engines and the end-user. As a result, a poor user experience and inability to index or crawl can result in penalization in the search engines. Instead, turn to a full-service agency for web development help, such as Eventige.

A Failure to Optimize for Local Search

Are you operating a business in a specific city or region? You must take the time to learn more about local search, as Google will approach local searches differently in comparison to keywords for international businesses.

We therefore recommend incorporating region-specific keywords into both your page titles and meta descriptions. What’s more, you must include both your business address and contact number on your pages, which should commonly appear in either the header or footer, as they will allow your details to appear in the local search results.