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4 Ways to Add the Personal Touch to your Business

3rd Party Post

3rd Party Post

In business, it can be very tempting to focus on profits and company growth. When dealing with so many numbers, it is hard to remember that you are also dealing with people. However, in order for your business to succeed; remember you must! Some of the most successful businesses out there ensure that however big they grow, they do not forget the value of the personal touch. You may have heard the phrase: it’s not personal, it’s business, but for you, it must be both. Clients, employees, and even investors are repelled by the cold and the clinical. Instead, try to inject some warmth into your business. Below are 4 ways for you to do this.


It is important to remember the value of creating an email list. This is a great way to ensure that you are consistently in contact with all of your clients. It will make sure that they don’t forget you and look elsewhere. It will also help to make sure that they feel valued and not as though you are only interested in them when they have money to spend. Not only this, but building an email list will give you an idea of how many people your company is able to reach. This will help you make targets for the future in regards to how many people you would like to be in contact with.

Create a database

Another way to keep track of your clients is by creating a database. This is standard practice for most businesses. However, you can take this a step further by adding a section for general notes. This will mean that everyone who has access to the database will be privy to important information regarding your clients. They will know if they have every made a complaint, a specific request, or a recommendation. Consequently, your employees will be able to demonstrate an awareness of the client’s specific needs if they are ever required to interact with them.


Remember to take the time to personalize your stationary. Clients will certainly be impressed by the effort to add the personal touch to your documents. If you can’t even begin to imagine yourself knowing how to make a letterhead, then have no fear! You can do everything online, meaning it’s both easy and for free!

Live chat

Live chats are a great way to receive feedback from your clients. They are free to host and add that personal touch. Instead of sending out surveys or online forms, live chats ensure that your customers understand that they are really being listened to. If handled correctly, they can deal with any complaints or queries a lot more effectively than other methods of communication. Live chats can also be a great way for you to receive constructive criticism in relation to your business. Just imagine how impressed your clients will be if they see their advice being taken on board. Say they critique your logo and then you make the changes - the client who made that suggestion will immediately become invested in your company’s future.