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Like a Ninja

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He was a ninja, a drink warrior, making his way through the crowded bar, like a hot knife through butter. His memory was impeccable, as if the drink and food orders he took we paramount to national security. He repeated the orders we barked at him over the din of the bar crowd, seemingly reading our lips. It was probable he was even reading our minds. He somehow knew we were short on time, and long on hungry as we stood shoulder to shoulder in the crowded space. We were in need of a quick meal and libation before taking off for our 7PM call time at the theater.

His memory was impeccable, as if the drink and food orders he took we paramount to national security.

Richie has been a favorite employee at GrillMarx Steakhouse and Raw Bar for several years, patrons know his name and he knows theirs. He remembers orders, pays special attention to all details, past and present, and provides a level of service where every need is responded to properly, quickly and with a positive attitude. Uncharacteristic of many runners in the food business, Richie gets it. He understands exactly what exemplary performance is all about. He is a top notch employee, with the attitude of an owner.

What do you do like a ninja? Are you returning calls, emails and messages quickly, accurately and with a positive attitude? Are you on time, every time, and do you provide solid advice, anticipate your customers' needs and follow up consistently? In the entrepreneurial world, these are the traits of a ninja. Take a lesson from Richie, and be a ninja warrior, with a side order of awesome.



Living Your Life's Sentence

What punctuation are you choosing to add to your life's sentence?

Comma - Do you hesitate before making decisions? Pausing so long you lose a chance to see opportunity?

Question Mark - Are you questioning why everything is happening to you and do you feel life is a series of perplexing problems with no end in sight?

Colon - Are you a list maker and is life a series of tasks on your list to be checked off?

Semicolon - Caught between one thought and moving to another, always the connector, helper and networker. 

Exclamation Point - If you live a wide open life, filled with adventure, with vision that's bold and daring you are living life as an exclamation point.

Apostrophe - What in your life is missing? Why must you be so possessive?

Dash - Holding parts of your life together with barely a thin thread? If so, you are living the life of a dash.

Parenthesis - Are you always explaining yourself (qualifying your life to those reading your narrative)?

Period - So final, yet clearly marking the end of a period in your life, before moving onto the next. Confidence and clarity are in your life when punctuated with a period.

Quotes - It is sometimes better to use the words of someone else to further emphasize your point. "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." Socrates

However you decide to live your life, live it as you choose to, not as a style book would tell you how to live. In your life's sentence, there are no grammatical errors. Live your life as a run on sentence if you so choose to, and throw caution to the rule makers. May you have a life's sentence filled with all sorts of punctuation.




Post #6 Tools, Tips, Tricks -- What If Today Was Your Last

I had the privilege on interviewing Klyn Elsbury on The Nice Guys podcast this week. Klyn is a survivor, a thriver and a champion entrepreneur that lives with cystic fibrosis. "We all need to be survivors. For everybody that has had that moment in their life where they don't know if they can continue. It might not be a hospital bed, it might not be corporate America. It can be a divorce or it can be a business, it can be watching their children suffer. You just don't know if you want to wake up the next morning. It's that inner voice that tells you, you can do it. It's about finding the inspiration and the everyday attitude that you have (to move forward)." Klyn provided this week's tool, tip and trick. 

Tool - Time is the one thing we can not ever get back. Get Buffer -- "Without buffer, I would be wasting so much of my time. And I live every day like today was my last." Buffer is a way to manage your time spent on social media. Any post that you want to share, Buffer manages those posts and distributes them for you at the best possible time of day. Bottom line, you fill Buffer up and it will keep your feed active and sharing your content and the content of those you respect all day long.

Tip - Engage. "Find the most successful person you know, or the type of person you want to be like, or the entrepreneur you really look up to...get on social media, contact them."  I couldn't agree more. Social media brings us closer than ever to the "rock stars" in our industries. Reach out, connect and engage. They want to help you.

Trick - "I Am _____."  Write on a sheet of paper every morning the words, I am (blank). Who do you need to be to get what needs to be done, done? Get yourself in the right frame of mind by filling in the blank. Examine your schedule for the day and use the events in your day to determine who you need to be today. Share your "I am" messages with yourself throughout your day. "Use it as your mantra to get through all of your challenging moments of the day."

To hear more of my interview with Klyn Elsbury,  subscribe to The Nice Guys podcast. Klyn's episode will automatically download to your phone on air date. Klyn's book "I Am ____:" is available on Amazon.com



Post #5 Tools, Tips and Tricks: Protecting You From Cyber Scams and Digital Invasion

Tool - An incredible app for saving your passwords. I have been using LastPass for about a year and find it very useful for generating passwords, saving passwords and securing my long list of passwords. LastPass is a great tool and easy to use, especially if you have multiple computers, many secure accounts and a variety of passwords. There is both a free version and a paid version too.  Side note: According to Webroot Threat Blog the worst password for 2015 was "123456." If this is your password, be on high alert, you will be hacked.

Tip - 95% of security breaches are human error.  It's much easier for a scammer to hack YOU than to hack your computer. The most common practices that cause potential security breach:

  • Logging in on-line at a public location and feeling secure. 
  • Visiting websites other than your own, and downloading files from these sites.
  • Reading your email and feeling safe clicking on links in your email. 

Check out this infographic from a trusted source and Nice Guys Finish First supporter CyberWise . 

Trick - Mind hack for passwords. If you have trouble remembering your passwords and you want an easier way to recall them, use this little mind hack. Develop a phrase that represents the site that needs password protection. For example, if you have an account at TD Bank and want to come up with a password (between 8 and 32 characters with at least 1 upper case letter and 1 number, no spaces, 1 special character: "TDisLike1GoldBar!" Easier to remember than random digits and harder to hack than usual. If you are not using a tool like LastPass (noted above), this mind hack might do the trick.

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.
— William Shakespeare



Post #4 Tools, Tips, Tricks: Buddha's Diet

Today's tool, tip and trick have been inspired by Dan Zigmond, co-author of Buddha's Diet, The Ancient Art of Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind. I bet you didn't know that Buddha was a skinny guy. Although thin, he tried dieting and didn't like it any more than you do. The instructions he gave his monks over 2,000 years ago were fairly simple and are shared below with a somewhat modern spin. 

Tool: Zero -- Fasting Tracker (before fasting, always consult your doctor). Research shows that it is not just what you eat, but when you eat that is important. Zero, available in the iTunes app store, is an app designed to help you fast. Far different, and much healthier, than starving yourself, intermittent fasting helps you lose weight, decreases risk of certain types of cancer, improves sleep, regulates blood sugar levels, systemic inflammation and regulates aging biomarkers. Check out Zero for more specifics.

Tip: Replace mindless eating with mindful eating -- Many of us mindlessly eat during the day, having breakfast on the go, eating lunch at our desk and driving through fast food with the kids for dinner. All of this, so we can manage our time, keep up with our responsibilities and fill the void in our tummies. If we focus on how we eat, and what we are eating, we will eat slower, eat less and eat healthier.

Trick: Limit eating to a 12 hour window.  Modern times have greatly outpaced our "lizard" bodies. Although our hearts, lungs and many other organs are designed to work 24 hours a day, our metabolism is just not designed to keep that pace. Modern food engineering, just the opposite, is designed to make us want more, more, more. We run our metabolism hard and it affects our weight, health and chemistry.  Although Buddha lived before the age of french fries, doughnuts and potato chips, his teachings helped many people live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life, providing lessons and wisdom many centuries old. Regarding eating, he was specific about his rules of "untimely eating." Buddha cared less about what his monk ate, and more about when they ate it. If you limit your eating to 12 hours and strictly follow this rule you will take much of your "after hours" snacking out of your life. 

If you want to hear more from Dan Zigmond book plus fascinating information about his position as Facebook's Director of Analytics, I interview him on The Nice Guys on Business podcast. The interview is airing soon. For an automatic download of Dan's interview and notification when it comes out, subscribe to The Nice Guys today.