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No One Is Going To Die, Read On!

Add this book to your must-read list, Think Big Act Bigger, by Jeffrey Hayzlett. Pick up this book knowing that change is possible, especially if you are not where you want to be with your goals.  Don't read it just for the words on the pages. Read it, knowing that if you take action and follow his advice, you will find yourself owning your story and becoming a better,  bolder version of YOU.  

No one is going to die when you think big and act bigger, so get over yourself.
— Jeffrey Hayzlett

I've known Jeffrey for about a year and had an opportunity to interview him on my Nice Guys podcast several months ago,  and I can say this with confidence, Jeffrey lives what he writes. Jeffrey also believes what he speaks from stage too, doing it passionately and with the energy of a guy I would swear is 20 years younger than him (or me for that matter), seemingly dosed with a couple of shots of espresso. I saw him deliver a keynote to a group of about three hundred or so C-suite execs, business owners and high powered corporate types. When he came off stage, I mistakenly thought I was at a rock concert, attendees like concert goers, eagerly lining up for his autograph inside the book. I may or may not have heard a few middle aged, balding guys giggling over having an original Hayzlett signature.

Something is only impossible because you think it is.
— Jeffrey Hayzlett

In the book, one by one, Jeffrey shares stories and lessons about authenticity, focus, taking action, and building a network that counts. His goal, to help you bring out the best you. And, according to Jeffrey, you couldn't have a winning book without bacon, so of course bacon is in the book too. If proof is in the pudding, I have seen the ingredients blended, molded, whipped and served.  I've also seen cult like leaders, that's not Jeffrey Hayzlett. He doesn't lead from an ivory tower, he's got soggy socks, saddle sore and trench foot to prove it. His network of literally hundreds of thousands of business leaders follow him because he comes through for them as he leads from the front line.  He's up early and to bed late, touring and spreading his message and his C-Suite Network coast to coast and worldwide. He's a travel junkie, coffee addict, sometimes irreverent, mostly loud, really nice guy. He's definitely the kind of guy that works hard and plays harder and I am pretty sure I wouldn't want to be the opposing team or the fish he squares up against.

As far as the man, Jeffrey Hayzlett is a big time business expert, the relentless leader of a global organization, a television celebrity, keynote speaker, husband, father and cowboy. Seeing some of the pics of Jeffrey on Facebook, I think being called a cowboy might be the first on that list. Pick up a copy of Think Big Act Bigger. You will be bigger for reading it.