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Teach Your Children Well

The lessons you share with your kids will have a dramatic impact on the lives they live, so teach your children well. Here are a handful or so of ways your teachings prepare your kids for the "real world."

  • Teach them to change a tire. This valuable lesson will not only help your child work well under pressure (nobody expects to get a flat) but it teaches them to rely upon themselves in emergency situations.
  • Teach them to catch a fish. Give your child fish, they have fish sticks, teach them to fish and they will have a lifetime of meals. Your kids need to understand the importance of making a living and providing for themselves. Through fly fishing my father taught me a world of lessons about myself, business and people.
  • Teach them to write a handwritten note. Your child will gravitate towards technology (and that's not a bad thing), however, nothing can replace the personal, unique and genuine feel of a handwritten note. Personal communication will set them apart from the rest of the world and help them build a healthy network of amazing personal connections.
  • Teach them to make their own bed. As they get older your child will understand the importance of having a neat and tidy work area. If taught early in life, your kids will want to stay organized and clean. Productivity and efficiency boom when clutter is eliminated and organization shines.
  • Teach them to brush their teeth daily. While they may not see the benefits of brushing immediately, they will have a beautiful smile while they learn the positive benefits of preventative maintenance. Also, this will teach your child about healthy habits and good hygiene. Positive childhood habits will serve them well in their adult years.
  • Teach them to save pennies now. A glass mason jar is all you need to collect pennies, and they can learn the lesson of accumulating savings. Once the jar gets filled, some of the money can be enjoyed, donated or used to buy a reward. Some should be saved for a better future. Empty the jar and start again. Your child will learn a great lesson about saving, goal setting and sharing.

What life lessons did you teach your children? Please share one with our Nice Guy community in the comments section below.

1 Comment