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24 Seconds That Will Change Your Life

Life gets complicated. We all have the same 24 hours each and every day. And it’s up to us how we spend our time. We need to invest our time wisely in order to maximize our day and yet, no matter how good we are with time management, we never seem to have enough time to accomplish what we set out to complete when we wake up in the morning. Putting one more responsibility on your daily to-do list may not seem like a practical thing to do, and yet, what I am about to share is so simple that even the busiest person can carve out 24 seconds for it.

People Skills 101 teaches us the importance of building connections. Without relationships, all business will come to a halt. You might have an amazing product or service but without solid relationships, you have no business. And on a personal level, without connecting with others, life will be far from happy. So my 24 second task is designed to help build, strengthen and solidify existing relationships. It is fast, effective and reliable. And best of all, it requires no prep, planning or practice. Ready?

Take out your smartphone. I know you have one. Some of you are reading this blog on your smartphone (according to Mailchimp, 32% of you are actually reading this blog on your smartphone). I only have 24 seconds, so do it now. The clock is ticking. Pick any name on your contact list. It does not need to be a client, anyone will do. Send a text message saying the following:

“Just thinking about you. Hope you are having a great day.”

Hit send. Boom. 12 seconds. Repeat it one more time. Task complete, 24 seconds. And done. If you are fast at texting like my son Adam, you may even be able to send out three or four text messages in the 24 seconds you’ve allotted.

Here is what happens when you start this practice. Sometimes, you will get nothing in return, and that’s ok. Many times you will get back a response saying thank you and wishing you a great day in return. But every time you send a message like that, you are making the receiver of your text message smile, feel good and happy. I am confident I do not need to tell you the importance of happy people in your life. Happy is contagious and if done right, happy will be paid forward. Ultimately happy will come back to you, guaranteed.

Make it a practice to pick two or three contacts during your day to send text messages to when you are standing in line, pumping gas, or having your coffee at Starbucks. Try not to repeat the names too often since your goal is to be random. Approach this with the goal of spreading happy, not to gain business. If some of these messages are being sent to customers, you are proving (12 seconds at a time) that you are a human being, with feelings. Important rule of this practice -- You cannot text about business, unless the response from the recipient involves business.

Switch up your message. It would not be unusual for me to send a message saying, “I love you. That is all.” or “Thanks for being in my life.” or “My life is better because you are in it.” If that doesn’t sound like your voice, build your own set of messages that work well. Under no circumstances should you send this message as a group message (don't automate this practice -- I want you to stay human please).

I’ve been doing this for over 15 years, and many days I send out much more than 2 messages. I know that as a result of my messages, others have adopted this as a way to spread love, happy and good vibes as well. I now get messages daily from friends, clients and others telling me to have a great day. Plenty of times those messages come to me when I am in a tough spot in my day or when I have had a challenging moment.

Twenty four seconds wisely invested can change your life. Want to try this out? I am happy to be the recipient. Feel free to invest 12 seconds and send a message to me. 410-340-6861. I will return the love, I always do.

I am passionate about my message and ask that you spread this message on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I would love to get text messages from around the world wishing me a happy day and I wish the same for you too.

Want to find out about other simple to adopt techniques that can change your life, check out my NG30 (Nice Guy 30 program) by clicking here. Visit my site at www.DougSandler.com. I am available to present my programs to your group as well. You are welcome to message me or email me at doug@dougsandler.com



And the winner is...

Drum roll please

Drum roll please

What determines a winner? It’s probably not what you are thinking. It’s not the salesperson that has the most product knowledge. It’s not the customer service rep that takes the most calls or solves the most problems. It’s not the CEO that makes the most money. It’s not even the employee or business owner that works the most hours. And it definitely is not the most popular person in the bunch.

In trying to determine who will go the furthest in their career, who will make the most money, who will keep their job the longest and who will be the happiest along the path towards success, one trait stands out more than any other. It’s not the one that has the best system or even the smartest person in the group.

In Yiddish, the term is chutzpah. Translated, it means nerve, grit, confidence, courage and conviction. Qualities that stand out when a person has chutzpah are passion and perseverance and an eye on very long term goals. It includes the ability to stay goal oriented no matter what is going on. It’s laser focus and determination and an understanding that no matter the circumstances, the word quit is not a part of the vocabulary. It’s guts.

As a salesperson it’s understanding that every “NO” is putting you one step closer to a “YES.” As a business owner it’s keeping your focus on being in the black while you live in the present and in the red. It’s knowing that every so often, life is going to get in the way, but having the conviction to stay true to your path and forging ahead.

It’s understanding doors may continue to get shut in your face now, but your clarity is so strong, you know in your heart you will eventually be successful and doors will open. It’s seeing past the cold calls because one day they will be calling you and paying any price for your product or service. It’s building a business through a recession and tough financial times, when others are using the recession as an excuse to get a “real job.”

So where do you get this “chutzpah?” Chutzpah comes from within. It all starts with believing in yourself. In order to be a winner, you need to think like a winner. Believe in what you are doing, what you are becoming and in the direction you are heading. Have confidence that you will be successful. Above all, do not wait and do not delay. Stop getting ready and get started doing.

What words would you use to describe chutzpah and how do you see it in your life? Please tell me what you think in the comments section below.