Tools, Tips and Tricks for Better Business

INTRO to New Format (Including why I am changing format)

No matter how much experience you have owning and running a business or managing people, there is always room for improvement. When you stop learning, you stop growing. I'll take it one step further, when you stop teaching, you lose perspective and stop growing as well. Getting feedback from those you teach provides a huge opportunity to learn. One of my goals this year was to listen more to those around me, observe and follow their systems and understand the processes they have used to achieve success.  In doing so, I realize I can learn from people less experienced than me, but wiser than me. In role reversal, the teacher becomes the student. Once you open to the possibility that you can learn from nearly everyone, building your business (and your life) becomes a lot more interesting.

In the upcoming weeks I will share with you what I have learned as I take a deeper dive into tools, tips and tricks for success and for better business. I've worked hard to keep my pulse on current trends and the latest technology (working to break the "old dog new trick" stigma) while still trying to master effective time-tested business practices. I am often asked for advice on the best methods, the fastest and most efficient systems and most creative ways to accomplish a task, process or goal.  

I think this new, shorter format will provide greater information in a more predictable, easier to read way -- scan, read, process, move on.  I am looking forward to your comments, questions and additions so I can use them as future posts of Tools, Tips and Tricks for Better Business.

Here is what you will see in future posts:  Tool, Tip, Trick (below the line)

Tool -- SANEBOX -- Is your goal to get to INBOX zero but you are about 900 emails away from that goal? Sanebox is a great tool that I have been using over the last several months to help me manage my inbox. Some of the features include being able to hit the "snooze button" on email that does not have to be acted upon now. Plus Sanebox learns my routines and intuitively creates future followup emails, automatically deletes spam and prioritizes email for me as well. Use the link for a free trial and a coupon if you sign up after the trial.

Tip -- Work on improving the value you add to any business relationship as much as you work on improving your products and services. Put research and development dollars into improving you. Your bottom line will be bolstered as much or more if you focus on improving the relationships with your customers in addition to improving the benefits of the services or products you provide. Show your customers how much you care about them. Simple things like sending a handwritten note, a quick text to say hello or an email sharing a link of interest to them will highlight that you know them and care about them as well.

Trick -- (Today's trick is a mind hack) -- Go for the "NO." In the business development portion of your day when you are working hard to add prospects to your client list by cold calling, following up or mining for business, instead of adding extra pressure to yourself by constantly being under the pressure to find a "YES," look for the NO. Treat a NO as a win. Keep in mind when you get a NO you are clearing space for a new prospect to be added to your list, and the new prospect could potentially be a future YES. It's all positive and a part of the process of getting a YES down the road.

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.
— Albert Einstein