I never was a Trump supporter, but…


What we need to learn from losing:

Losers don’t get a trophy, but we do get a lesson. The trophy only goes to first place, but the lessons learned by coming in second place have tremendous value. Look at what has transpired over the past months and years, consider what you would have done differently, knowing what you know now, and do your best not to repeat the mistakes, if any, you have made. I would argue that Trump did not win the election, but rather Clinton and the democratic party lost it.

We’re still here.
— Bill Maher

Losing is different than quitting. Let’s all take our lumps and move on. Be frustrated, angry and depressed when you don’t do everything in your power to win. When you work your hardest and are still not victorious, accept your loss in stride, take a moment to regroup mentally and keep moving. The only action that will hold us back is quitting. As Bill Maher says, “We’re still here.” Stay in the game, never quit.

Work diligently on plan B and be ready when called into action. True to form (and history), even a winner will screw up eventually. And when Trump screws up, and he will, the Democratic party needs to be ready with Plan B. Let’s use this time to grow stronger, become more unified and more prepared to defeat him and his supporters in the future.

The Democratic Party is on the right side of history.
— David Axelrod

You can lose and still be right. Just because Trump won does not mean we are wrong. Political Analyst best known as Chief Strategist and Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama, David Axelrod said, “The Democratic Party is on the right side of history." Be proud of what you stand for, and keep standing up for what you know is right. Eventually, you will be heard.

No one likes a sore loser. Losing isn’t permanent, do not accept defeat as being fatal. I’ve been watching social media, as you have, since the election. And I have witnessed plenty of whining. Whining makes you look pathetic and gives the opposition a chance to say I told you so. Allow for a cooling off period, then prepare to get back in action. Our voices will be heard again, we may be down, but we are not out. If we give the opposition enough time, they will reveal their true nature.

This is a moral 9/11…and we did this to ourselves.
— Thomas Friedman

Never underestimate the power and persuasiveness of an idiot. Journalist and three time Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Friedman said, “Trump is surrounded with some legitimately bad people.” Continuing, Friedman said, “This is a moral 9/11…and we did this to ourselves.” Trumped wooed his followers by rallying around a relentless message of fear, hate, bullying and scare tactics, and then, to put the final nail in our coffin, we were outnumbered by the Twelfth Amendment.

Lesson learned, the people have spoken, or have they?

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