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How to Hire Freelancers

3rd Party Post

3rd Party Post

When you first start a business, you will quickly find that you can no longer cope with the workload as your business begins to expand. At this point, you have two options; you can hire someone to help you, or you can hire a freelancer to take on some of the work.

To hire an additional, full-time employer, you have contracts, paperwork and additional costs. Acquiring a freelancer can be more cost-effective, save you time, and you only have to use their services when the time asks for them. If you are considering adding a freelancer to your team, this is how you should go about it.

Where to look?

Hiring a freelancer is not as easy as it might sound, as you still have to interview them to some extent; ensuring they are the right person for the job and understands the tasks at hand. The two biggest freelancing sites are Upwork and People per Hour, who between them, have a huge number of freelancers with all manner of talents, ranging from content copywriters and graphic designers, to admin and accountants.

With these sites, you will need to set up and advert. Freelancers will then bid on the job you have set up. You can then review the application, pick a few to chat to, and find out more about them.


Hopefully, the potential candidates will have attached examples of their work for you to look through and consider. Although it can be a good indication of their ability, don’t take it as absolute proof. Some people may not perform how you expect them to.

A few extra qualms you should consider are language barriers, whether their time zone aligns with yours, and if they are willing to stick to deadlines regarding these problems.

Although they may be cheap to hire, you do not want to hire someone for that reason alone. They may be cheap because they have a poor track record, and they might also not have the level of experience you need, so you will have to be willing to coach them.

Your set-up

How will you liaise with your new found freelancer? Applications such as Skype and Hangouts are useful for conferencing, but you need to decide how the work will be viewed and completed.

If you do not already have one, you can set up with a host to upload all your documents to the cloud. You can then get access to a virtual desktop that both you and your freelancer can use wherever you are. Migration costs to the cloud can be non-existent.

It is by far the easiest way to conduct business and share documents, plus they can access your emails and arrange diary entries if they are hired for admin tasks. There are companies such as Umbee Hosting who offer such services; for more information on hosted desktops, read their product descriptions and what they have to offer.

Using freelancers to help with your business is a great way to save money but still get the work completed the way you want it to be. If you are using a freelance website, make sure you read all the rules and guidelines beforehand, so you know the process.



5 Desktop Email Clients You Should Consider in 2017

Guest post presented by a 3rd party

Guest post presented by a 3rd party

It’s easy to use your web browser to log in to the likes of Outlook and Gmail. However, if you’re looking for instant notifications of new emails and many more email features, it’s important you download the right email client straight to your desktop. This is especially important if you run a business because your clients don’t want to wait a long time to hear back from you. If you’re looking for a new email client, consider the ones below as they are currently the best on the market.

Claws Mail

Claws Mail is one of the fastest and most extensible desktop email clients out there and should be highly considered if you’re looking for a basic desktop email management experience. The program itself is very basic, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the ability to be feature-rich. The open source program can work with multiple plugins such as RSS aggregators and anti-spam filters, giving you an email client that does everything you need in a simple environment.


Unfortunately, Thunderbird was discontinued by Mozilla developers in 2012, and while this puts many users off downloading the program, it still has a stable version that is feature-rich. Unlike some of the other email clients on the market, Thunderbird promises to offer you everything you need and is one of the most well-developed clients out there. Thunderbird has plenty of features to keep your emails organized so you can choose between a basic or advanced emailing experience depending on your requirements.

The Bat!

The Bat! Isn’t one of the most popular email clients available, but what it does offer is a basic emailing experience with plenty of features that safeguard your correspondence. The Bat! Comes with all the basic emailing features, but it’s also highly extensible thanks to the many available plugins.

eM Client

eM Client is one of the more popular email clients as it’s fully-featured and has all the basic and more advanced features that make emailing and organization easy. Whether you’re just looking to check personal emails or you’re running an email marketing campaign with a list acquired from theemailfinder.co – eM Client has everything you need to make your experience easy.


Mailbird was primarily designed for the latest Windows 7, 8, and 10 users, and it has a reputation of being one of the most reliable Windows email clients around. Mailbird is one of the fastest and user-friendly applications out there, but more importantly, it’s very accurate and easy to operate. If you’re looking for a nice-looking email client that’s basic and easy to use, you should consider Mailbird as your primary email client.

There are hundreds if not thousands of email clients available to download for free, but the ones above are some of the most powerful and fastest applications available. If you run a business, it’s important you are promptly notified when you receive a new email, and there aren’t many better ways of getting those notifications than using your favorite email client.



5 Online businesses you could start today

Guest post presented by 3rd party-- BLOG not written by Doug Sandler

Guest post presented by 3rd party-- BLOG not written by Doug Sandler

If you are looking for a new career and want to be your own boss, then there are many ways you can start a business online. It is easier to work online than in an office, and you can always work from home if you needed that flexibility. You can start by utilizing your strengths, but before you do, ask questions like what could you offer people? Do you have any skills that you can add to your online business? Here are some ideas that you can start working on today.

Social Media Consultant

Social media is an area that many companies are looking to expand their reach. However, a lot of them do not have the time or resources to do it themselves, so they employ an outside company to manage it for them. This is where you can create an opportunity for yourself. First, you will need to do some research and understand the mechanics, but you can quickly become a very sought after freelancer.

Web Design

If you have skills at web design, then you will be able to attract many clients. With what almost seems like everyone running a website, web designers can run a profitable business. There are lots of companies, especially start-ups, which need new sites designed. You can also add more to your products by offering a web hosting service as well. Companies such as Certa Hosting offer many services, and they also allow you to resell web hosting which can generate extra income.

Virtual assistant

There are many jobs that smaller companies are now outsourcing to freelancers instead of recruiting additional, permanent staff. In particular, virtual assistants are becoming an excellent way for business owners to have someone look after his or her emails and calendar. The responsibilities vary from project to project, but primarily it involves organizing emails, diary and occasionally phone calls and invoicing. Many people who hire you will be happy to show you how to use their particular software.

Virtual Support

In a similar way to a virtual assistant, virtual support offers companies IT support for their computers and software. It can save companies much money to just hire someone when there is a problem and is means there is plenty of work for you. Most of the support you give will be over the phone, although you can always offer a call-out service as well.

App Development

Mobile apps are very popular with companies, with more companies now looking for freelancers to develop apps for them. There is much work involved in app creation, but the financial rewards can be significant. Some mobile apps can cost $15,000 or more if there are many elements included. You can also collaborate with designers and other freelancers to offer more detailed creations.

These are just a few of the many online businesses that you can start from the comfort of your home. Some might need a little work, and you many need training or to conduct research, but the benefits of having your own business and working from home are more than enough to compensate.



Post #3 Tools, Tips, Tricks: Google Alerts, Time Management, Found Savings

Tool: Google Alerts. If you want to own your brand and see what the world is saying about you, sign up for Google Alerts. Google will automatically send you an email whenever there are new results for your search. It's also great if you are keeping tabs on news in your industry, news or information about your competition or to stay current with anything else. Although Google walks you through the process step by step, Lifewire can help you here as well.

Tip: Manage Energy, Not Time. If you are like most people today, much of your day is spent in front of the computer. Regardless of the type of work you do, your energy level can drop considerably as your day goes on. Instead of managing your work day by looking at the clock, manage your energy level instead by listening to your body. For example, my brain slows considerably approximately 3pm. I used to fight off the urge to and push through it, getting my work done. For me, I discovered if I take a 15-20 minute break (nap, walk, yoga) instead of downing a cup of coffee, sugary soda or energy drink, I can return to work refreshed, awake and productive, without feeling sluggish later on. Check out this tip and many more at Entrepreneur.com

Trick: Forced Savings, Made Easy. With every deposit you make in the bank, set aside 3-5% (or more) right off the top. Open an account at the same bank and call it your Profit First account. You will never miss the money, it's a small enough that I don't feel it, but big enough to make a dent in any special purchases I want to make down the road. Next month it will 100% finance a great vacation, guilt free! I learned this trick, and other money savings tactics from Mike Michalowicz. Mike was a guest on my Nice Guys on Business podcast (episode #203) several months ago. Mike's advice and more practical tips for building profit are available on his website.

Invest in as much of yourself as you can. You are your own biggest asset by far.
— Warren Buffett



Facebook LIVE! Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Lights. Camera. Action. Now, with the press of a finger or two your message can reach hundreds, and potentially thousands of people. Facebook is pushing our messages to the front of the line, cutting through so much of the noisy social chatter going on around us, and connecting us with our networks in ways never possible before. And as of the time of this post, we are getting notifications from everyone we are connected with when they do a Facebook LIVE video. What does this mean for us? It means we should be hopping on Facebook to share whatever we would normally post about. Do it now before the field gets overcrowded.

Video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts.
— Social Media Today

If you have a business, it's a great opportunity to creatively share what you do, unscripted, in your own words. Need a topic to share? How about this -- What do you offer the world that is uniquely you? What drives you to be best you possible? What advice can you offer others just getting started in business? How can you lead a more balanced life? Your Facebook friends want to hear what you have to say, especially if you have never done Facebook LIVE before. 

Here's an easy 3-step guide to doing your first Facebook LIVE!

Step 1 - Go to your Facebook personal page, group page or business page  on your mobile device. Right now Facebook LIVE is only offered via mobile, so you will not be able to post from your desktop without fancy software and additional hardware (that's ok, it's really easy from your phone or other mobile device). Click on the "Post" icon. ...so exciting, LIGHTS!

Step 2 - It's almost time for CAMERA! After step 1, the "Update Status" screen will appear. Click on the "Live Video" icon. No need to fill out anything else on this page. Get ready for action, it's coming up. 

Step 3 - The screen you will be looking at now will be an image of you. If you don't see you, but instead see the forward facing camera, click on the "turnaround" button, top right icon on the screen. Don't worry, you are not LIVE until you hit the "Go Live" button. But before you do that, take a moment and describe in a few words what you are about the talk about. Make your first video something simple. Consider a topic that is simple to share, easy for people to follow and mostly important, is uniquely you. I think my first LIVE was me saying something about the fun stuff I get to do as host of The Nice Guys podcast. Click the "Go Live" button. Once finished (click finish) you will be asked, on screen, to post your video. Click the blue "Post" button and your LIVE is complete. Well done!

In five years most of Facebook will be video
— Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook

Facebook LIVE is the darling of Facebook right now as they try hard to stay ahead of other big players in the live stream video scene like Twitter's Periscope, Snapchat, Instagram, Google and other major players,  Since Facebook is working hard to gain the lion share of the LIVE video business, they are making it a priority to share user content with as many people as possible to capitalize on their larger than 1 billion daily users.

Once you go LIVE on Facebook, you will get hooked, it is certainly a channel right now worth exploring, and the payoff can potentially be huge to your own business and for building your network. People want to see the real you and Facebook LIVE is a great way to show the world what you are all about.