Ep. 222: Ben Stroup: The King of the Content Empire

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Doug- @DJDoug

Strickland- @NiceGuyonBiz


  • Ben is working with organizations that are reaching for an outcome that they have not had before. In other words, reaching the next level
  • We have to anchor what we want to do, in what the needs of the people that we’re trying to reach are
  • We become enchanted by our own ideas
    • Surprise, nobody cares how interesting you think you are

What Channel To Choose

  • Choose the channels that are native to the consumption habits of your targeted audience
    • Don’t know what channel that is? Well, where is your cash flow coming from? How can you go and find more of those people?
    • Start with what you know
  • Some people need a system, some people just want to learn. Know what you want to bring to the table
  • You have to keep putting gas in the car if you want it to keep going
    • Write 200 words a day, 5 days a week… leading to blogs, then a book and consistent content
    • Most people can do those 200 words a day in 15 minutes. So do it!
  • People like short and sweet messages
  • Don’t get married to a channel or a technology, go with the flow
    • The rules of the game have changed
  • Ben’s target customer is one that feel the tension of his/her current situation and is ready to try something that feels a bit out of the ordinary. Is that you?


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