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Ep. 138: SEO- More traffic from Google. Liz Lockard tells you how.


Liz on Twitter - @lizlockard

Liz Lockard knows SEO. We mean, she REALLY knows SEO. If you are looking for more traffic for your website, you have to listen to today's Nice Guys podcast.

-Why is SEO such a mystery, or is it?

-Who controls SEO and how often do the rules change?

-Do file names count in SEO?

-Here are the questions you will hear answers to today:

- Is SEO the best match for everybody?

- What are some simple ways to get started?

- What ONE thing would you choose to keep to help you with your SEO efforts?

- What are some things you definitely would recommend AGAINST doing?

- How can we use social media to help our SEO efforts?

- What one action item could I use TODAY without professional help to start seeing improvements to my traffic?

- If I don’t know anything about SEO, why do I still need to look at my Google Analytics?

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More cool stuff from Liz- Her once-a-year SEO for real people course, Your SEO Roadmap

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