Ep. 246: The Situation Room. Post Election, The Nice Guys Predict the Real Winner.

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11/10/16- This is a special Post-Election day edition with special guests Sean Carpenter and Casey Cornelius. Here are all about it on the Nice Guys today.


- If PA had gone for Hillary, we might still not know who the president is.


- Is the election more popular than porn right now?


- Did the independent parties help win the election for Trump?


- Most past presidents have at least 2 of the following- Law degree, Military service or prior political office experience but Trump has none of these. Is that a bad thing?


- 2 of the last 5 Presidential elections have had the winner of the popular vote actually lose the election. Should the Electoral College be abolished?


- With all the technology we have now, why can't we automate the election process more?


- Sean always has great stories, and his vote this year didn't even count!


Can't we all just get along?


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