Ep. 52 Ross Barber interview. The Electric Kiwi talks music, social media and web design

Ross Barber connected with The Nice Guys on Twitter and we have been stalking him ever since. All the way from the UK, Ross is a website designer who specializes in music websites. Here's a little more about him: 

• Ross has been doing web design since he was 12 years old. 

• His business started as the result of a Twitter conversation.

• He works with musicians and creative businesses that he admires and looks up to including Cyber PR Music, Tyler Hilton & Supreme Entertainment Artists

• He is a speaker, being booked for engagements including the university I graduated from, and a local meetup about music marketing

• His podcast "Bridge the Atlantic" has featured some of the following artists:

○  Singer/songwriter/actor Tyler Hilton 

○ X Factor UK's Janet Devlin 

○ The Spill Canvas frontman Nick Thomas

• He actually listens to our show! (or so he says, we choose to believe him)

Contact Ross at ross@electrickiwi.co.uk 

Ross' custom web design- electrickiwi.co.uk

Podcast- Bridge the Atlantic

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