Ep. 356: Find Your Voice and Stop Freakin' Out. Matt Abrahams Interview.

Matt Abrahams helps put you in other people's shoes and practice, practice, practice on The Nice Guys today. 


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Show Notes by Production Assistant - Anna Nygren



  • If you’re living in the future, it’s very hard to see what’s in front of you
  • In any important communication activity, you need to define your goal


Know, Feel and Do

  • Repetition, reflection and feedback is how we get better
  • The more relatable you are, the easier it is to have a conversation with somebody
  • Coming off perfect, puts up a barrier with you and your audience
  • Bold Echo helps companies present and speakers feel more confident/connected
  • Check out these apps: Virtual Speech and My Voice Vibes
  • Try this method to
    • What - explain your tool/what you’re offering
    • So what - why is it important to the person that you’re speaking to
    • Now What - what do you want them to do with your info?
  • If you get flushed during a presentation, hold something cold in your hand before you speak to reduce that


Closing Lines

  • Oh hey there, Patreon, fancy seeing you here
  • Practice, Practice, Practice




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