Ep 28 Business Coaching with Nice Girl Guest Megan Starbuck

The Nice Guys do a live "ambush business coaching session" with Megan Starbuck, a Declutter Coach working on getting her business going. Megan E-Mailed, and The Nice Guys replied immediately, because that's how we roll. Links below to see what Megan does, take a brief quiz, and realize how much you really need her services. Also, a few other things we talk about during the podcast.

Megan Starbuck- mcstarbuck@gmail.com


Clutter Free- http://www.mcstarbuck.com/category/coaching/#sthash.xBcmnngs.dpbs

Tim Ferris 4 hour work week- http://fourhourworkweek.com/

Brandon Hufford- E and Coffee- http://entrepreneursandcoffee.com/

John Acuff 30 days of hustle- http://acuff.me/

Pat Flynn- Focus on one goal- http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/strength-in-numbers-with-goal-setting/

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