Ep. 198 The Nice Guy Angels Pay Us A Visit

Laura, Sunny and Stacey are The Nice Guy Angels

Laura, Sunny and Stacey are The Nice Guy Angels

Doug- @DJDoug

Strickland- @NiceGuyonBiz

- Do you put on 'Off'? Or 'Off' on?

- Is advertising an evil thing?

- Stacey Sherman is a correspondent for the Nice Guy's on Biz

- Stacey was on Ep. 58 and was the first was to say "fuck" on the show. (Way to go Staceyyyyyy)

- Strick is the Chief Fucker of Rock 'n Roll.

- Stacey's #1 Best Concert of 2016 would be Keith Urban.

- Nicole Kidman is a little pasty for Doug.

- Stacey would be afraid to approach Paul McCartney.

- Strick did yoga with Laura! And wants to do them on the reg.

- Laura has a very strict rule, "she onlys does what she loves."

- Kristy Heart is a dominatrix life coach... say what?

- Sunny does have monkey long arms, so she is handy.

- Doug's favorite meme was Sunny's: "I've bought this guitar and it has gotten me laid 'this' many times."

- The National Park System is a winner! Happy 100th Birthday, National Parks!

- Trip to Seattle? Done and done.

- The bottom line is - that you need to be a part of YOUR plans, not someone else's.

Show notes: Production Assistant - Anna Nygren http://www.annavnygren.com/

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