Ep. 257: The Psychology of Selling More and Getting Winning Results with Ron Karr

Entrepreneurs, the world needs what you do. and the recovery of the world depends on YOU!
— Ron Karr



  • Strick’s business trips always seem to involve Vegas… keyword: “business”
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Bids, on Bids, on Bids

  • Are you driven by a task or purpose?
  • One of the biggest mistakes is that businesses take too many off-cue bids
    • All impressions are not good impressions
  • The relationship between businesses should be built before the bid takes place
    • Why? There will be more respect
  • We’ve got to be clear about who we want to be
  • Check your closing ratio. Are you wasting resources?
  • Explain, in detail, what customer you’ve got in your strike zone, a.k.a. Your focus
    • Now the right conversation needs to happen
  • Two parts to influence: the heart and the mind
    • You need to connect with the heart - the vision of the company and the drive
      • Then present your product in the context with which the company wants to go in. Boom.
  • Don’t compete, you want to create
    • Leverage your upbringing
  • Make sure that your actions support your purpose

Closing Lines


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