Ep. 112: Sally Kohn has been heard on Fox, CNN, CNBC, Rolling Stone, and the Washington Post and today on The Nice Guys.

Sally Kohn is not afraid to speak her mind. You may not agree with her stance and she may even seem to come across as brash, but you will always feel like you hear her and understand what she represents. She is called an energetic young liberal with a good haircut, (and she doesn’t wear mom jeans.)

Here are a few things we learned from Sally on the show today:

-Emotional correctness- Tone and intent matter. Be polite, but don't take political correctness too far.

-If you are trying to change other's minds, make sure you are open to change also.

-If you are a parent who doesn't yell at your kids, please E-Mail Sally. (BTW- Doug says he hasn't, Strickland definitely has, more often thanhe cares to admit to).

-Does half of the country really hate the other half?

Sally would love to hear from you. Reach out at http://www.sallykohn.com/

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