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Ep. 279: Get into the mind of top salesman Lee Bartlett. Number 1 Best Seller.

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You gotta be full of ego and confidence and be larger than life to write a book called The Number 1 Best Seller and yet today’s guest Lee Bartlett is as humble and nice a guy as you could ever meet.

- To Succeed at business you have to learn fishing?

- Lee's book The No. 1 Best Seller   took over 2 years to write…And then the real work began.

- Lee calls himself the "Grandmaster of getting it wrong"

- Lee is in sales for the money. Go figure!

- Assume that you know nothing, then find the people who do something well and learn from them.

- Lee's book The No. 1 Best Seller  Is not about sales techniques, it's much more than that.


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Ep. 148: James Carbary knows B2B sales and it's not just business as usual.

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Selling to a business takes a whole different strategy. Learn all about it from James Carbary on The Nice Guys today.

His company Sweet Fish Media creates B2B relationships and has been featured in Time, Business Insider and Huffington Post. Here are some of the things you will hear today:

- Shotgunning a generic E-Mail to thousands of businesses will not help you create a relationship.

- Having a podcast can help you make B2B sales.

- There are 4 key tips on how to turn B2B prospects into customers:

 1. Find Prospects

2. Start the Conversation

3. Develop Relationships

4. Close the deal


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