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Ep. 97: Guinness World record blogger Darren Murph. How to Work from Home.

Darren has created a multifaceted, dynamic career without having a permanent office, and you can too work from home. Find out how on The Nice Guys Podcast today.

Here's more that we learned from Darren Murph today:

- He holds the Guinness World Record as the planet's most prolific professional blogger.     

- Darren teaches the insider view on how to work from home.

- Darren has his MBA in Business.     

- He led SnapPower's entire PR campaign on its second Kickstarter project, netting over $800k in pledges.     

- You need a blog to give people a sense of who you are.     

- He published his own book -- Living The Remote Dream -- which acts as a guide for those seeking to add greater flexibility into their work life. 

Here are a couple of his CreativeLive courses:


2) . How to Work from home


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 Twitter- @DarrenMurph

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