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Ep. 246: The Situation Room. Post Election, The Nice Guys Predict the Real Winner.

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11/10/16- This is a special Post-Election day edition with special guests Sean Carpenter and Casey Cornelius. Here are all about it on the Nice Guys today.


- If PA had gone for Hillary, we might still not know who the president is.


- Is the election more popular than porn right now?


- Did the independent parties help win the election for Trump?


- Most past presidents have at least 2 of the following- Law degree, Military service or prior political office experience but Trump has none of these. Is that a bad thing?


- 2 of the last 5 Presidential elections have had the winner of the popular vote actually lose the election. Should the Electoral College be abolished?


- With all the technology we have now, why can't we automate the election process more?


- Sean always has great stories, and his vote this year didn't even count!


Can't we all just get along?


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Ep. 192: Want to become a great speaker and run a successful business? Casey Cornelius can tell you how

Doug- @DJDoug

Strickland- @NiceGuyonBiz

Casey- @caseyjfcfl

Casey Cornelius runs a national agency of collegiate speakers, has spoken on colleges campuses coast-to-coast, and keynoted national leadership conferences. Hear his story on The Nice Guys today

Here are some of the questions we asked Casey today:

How did you get into the college market? Was it because finally you found amarket that stays up late and drinks a lot?

How did you go about growing the company?

-What I find so great about For College for life is the cohesiveness of the team. Can you talk about that for a moment and how that type of culture comes together?

- One of the challenges you have I am sure is that most communication for the entire team is virtual. How do you maintain solid bonds with people when you don’t see them daily in an office for example?

How essential it is to know your market and how can the Nice Guy community find who their ideal customer is?

You bootstrapped your entire business right? How do you know where to spend you money? Marketing, sales, operations. It’s gotta be tricky to walk the financial balance beam.

What do you think sets FCFL apart from hundreds of other organizations out there that provide speakers to your market?

What actionable item can you see entrepreneurs walking away with after listening to you today?

  - How do you achieve personal balance in business and life?

You’re a jui jitsu family right? It that where you get out all your aggression? Because you seem like a really calm and gentle guy.

Contact Casey: 


Twitter @caseyjfcfl

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