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Ep. 102: Brian Dickinson climbed Mt. Everest solo, then returned completely snowblind

Brian Dickinson is a climber, author, adventurer, motivational speaker and motivational guy. Hear his story on The Nice Guys today.

Brian balances a fulltime job at Cisco Systems and motivational speaking (plus media) with climbing around the world. Here's more that we learned about him on the podcast:

He is a former Navy air rescue swimmer

He survived on Mount Everest and came back down all alone and completely blind

His vision did not fully recover for over a month

He also surfs, rappels, snowboards and rides mountain bikes.

His kids (currently 9 - 12) and his wife all climbed Kosciusko (highest point in Australia) with him in 2013.

Contact Brian-

Check out his website at

Purchase his book Blind Descent at Amazon:


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