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Ep. 341: Hitting Hard and Honest with Yigal Adato

Today, On The Nice Guys

Yigal Adato was a pawn star (not a PORN star) and now talks about leadership. Hear it all on The Nice Guys today.


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  • Yigal was a pawn star!
  • Do what you love to do and find someone to fill in your weaknesses


Being Realistic and Optimistic

  • If you’re building a business, stick. to. your. STRENGTHS.
  • Whatever problem comes up in your business, deal with it head on
    • Right away
  • One of the pitfalls in business is not being honest
    • Don’t say everything is great if it isn’t
  • Being clear with your customers and employees is critical
  • Pay attention to your internal monologue
    • Are you getting in the way of your success?
  • You need to learn how to say no and keep alllll of your promises
    • People notice if you don’t keep your word


Closing Lines

  • Leaders don’t run
  • Acting purely to seek approval is a no gooooo
  • Check out the documentary, “Dishonesty: The Truth About Lies”


Show Notes by Production Assistant - Anna Nygren


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Ep. 144: Mentalist, Magician, and Entrepreneur Max Major

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Max Major is not just a mentalist and magician, he is an entrepreneur selling himself and always honing his product. Hear all about him on The Nice Guys Podcast today.

Here are just a few of the things you'll hear from Max on the podcast today:

- How to earn a living doing what you love.

The importance of real world relationships in an age of social.

BE UNREASONABLE! - Demand more of yourself than others deem reasonable.

There is no failure, it's just lessons to be learned, good and bad.

Embrace learning as a lifestyle.

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