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Ep. 105: Mindhacking master Sir John Hargrave went 21 days without food just to prove he could do it. Hear the story on the show today

 I interviewed Sir John Hargrave in the very last hours of his 21 day fast. Hear all about it and how you can hack your mind yourself on The Nice Guys today.


Here's what we learned on the podcast today:

Identify and change the thought loops that may be holding you back in your business and life.

Don't let others plant bad seeds in your mind.

Positive thought loops can help make your mind stronger.

The limitations you put on yourself are largely self-imposed.

It is incredibly important to stop, and breathe sometimes.

You can train your brain to focus on the positive and avoid the negative. 

Play "What was I just thinking?" all day to improve your attitude and outlook.

Always remember- You are not your mind.


How to getin touch with John Hargrave:


Get the book- Mind Hacking: How to Change Your Mind for Good in 21 Days:

Get your 21 Day mind hacking app here-

Sir John Hargrave, author of the new book MIND HACKING: HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MIND FOR GOOD IN 21 DAYS, is going without food for 21 days, to show how ordinary people can achieve amazing feats of willpower, by hacking their minds. 

According to Sir John, mind hacking can be used to reprogram any number of behaviors or habits, from conquering anxiety, to improving relationships, to building careers. The trick is rooting out "problem thinking," a process he likens to "debugging" a computer.

"When I tell people I'm going 21 days without food, the first thing they say is, 'Don't die,'" he remarked. "That's a scary thought: this experiment might kill me. But the mind hack I quickly put into place was, I will not die, and in fact will become stronger. That is one of the dozens of mind hacks I will use to survive this extreme mental trial."

Sir John, who started his career as a computer programmer, has a step-by-step system for learning to reprogram the mind. These are presented in his book MIND HACKING as a series of easy "lessons" that anyone can use to rewrite their thought patterns, and in turn, their lives. 

"Your thoughts create your habits, your habits create your actions, and your actions create your life," he said. "In order to change your life, you have to start where your life begins -- in the mind."

To learn more about Sir John's inspiring story, you can follow along on, which is running daily updates of the 21-day experiment:

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Ep. 104 "The Go-Giver" Bob Burg, Interviewed today

I never realized how powerful, motivational and inspirational one little red book, one email and one long distance exchange could play in my life, but that exact time in my life, September 30th, 2013, was a pivotable point in my career.

The first email contact I made with Bob Burg, author of The Go-Giver (coauthored by John David Mann), was brief. I wrote, “Dear Bob, Literally standing in Barnes and Noble, reading the first few pages of Go-Giver, and I am hooked. Any advice for an up and coming speaker?” While I was hoping to get an answer, I was not expecting to get one in under 30 minutes. In addition to the wonderful advice provided by Bob, it was obvious it was not a “canned” response, leading me to believe Bob truly was a giver, his real life principles mirroring the description of his book, “Heartwarming and inspiring...brings new relevance to the old proverb ‘Give and you shall receive.’”

Over two years later and dozens of email exchanges, Bob has lived up to his book title, he really is a Go-Giver. Bob has provided priceless advice via email, countless tidbits of sage wisdom through his blog and soon, Bob will sound loud and clear, as I interview him on The Nice Guys on Business podcast. His spot (Episode #104) airs February 5th.Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes (or your favorite podcast provider) and it will automatically be sent to you. 

Everyone I meet that has had an opportunity to come in contact with Bob Burg genuinely feels as I do, pleasantly surprised by how accessible and gracious he is. His contacts on social media, colleagues, podcasters, other professional trainers, coaches, consultants and even competitors love this guy because he is genuine, caring, empathetic, compassionate and giving.

Bob's view on the importance of personal relationships in this high tech world today. “All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust. No matter how big you grow your business via social networks, do not lose sight, people do business with people, and not computers. It’s the person in front of the social platform they are doing business with, and it’s something you should never forget” 


Doug - Do you personally connect with everyone that reaches out to you? And if so, how?

Bob- We all have to put a value on what we believe. I hold personal connections to be of high value to me. It’s worth the extra time for me to make the personal connections.

Doug - How does giving as a means to getting really work? Is this a trend or is this something that is here to stay?

Bob- I think that people who have always conducted their business by looking to provide value to others, have been successful. Early on, when the book Go-Givers came out, the early adopters, the people already doing this, the leaders and top business people, the very successful business people, said the book didn’t teach us anything new. We take that as a compliment.  But this is what they have tried to teach their people about. Their people wouldn’t really listen to them but the book was like third party validation.

Doug - What is the key to being successful?

Bob  - Being successful is the result of doing the correct things in the success process in a way that allows you to be successful. Being nice is great. In fact, it’s hugely important. However, if you were nice but did not dowhat you promised,  or put no effort into follow up, or were not able to find sufficient ways to add value to others, it won’t work.

Doug - What is the basic premise of the Go-Giver?

Bob - It’s simply that shifting your focus from getting to giving is not only a nice way to live life, but a very financially profitable way, as well.

Doug -  How can you make it so you don’t get taken advantage of as a Go-Giver?

Bob -  Being a Go-Giver should never be confused with being taken advantage of. It simply means you are going to focus on what you do, providing value to that person. 

Doug - What are some of the obstacles standing in the way of someone choosing to become a Go-Giver today?

Bob - Someone who has grown up with or has been exposed to a really lousy way of doing business or thinking they must take advantage of others in order to be successful to get the limited pie (in order to get someone else has to give up), they will have to make a shift when they acknowledge there is an issue in the way they are currently doing business. That it’s not resulting in the success they want, both financially and in their enjoyment of what they’re doing. Of course,  if they don’t want to change; in other words, if they don’t feel there’s anything they need to change, they probably won't.

Doug - Give me one nugget for the people that want to take action. What’s the takeaway that they can put into place today.

Bob - Ultimately, as Dale Carnegie told us in his classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People, "People do things for their reasons, not our reasons." I think if we will always keep that in mind, whether we are dealing with somebody in the sales process or dealing with someone socially or emotionally, or in any way, if we understand that anything they are going to do they are going to do for their reason, then we’re on the right track. 

Bob is passionate about providing the Go-Giver message and has inspired people worldwide through his book and his keynote speaking. Bob also teaches other speakers via his Certified Go-Giver Speaker Program licensing and training others on his great philosophy. His programs, books and any information about his company can be found by visiting his website . To listen to the full interview, go to or subscribe via iTunes. Air date is February 5th, Episode 104.

Special thanks to Bob Burg for giving so much and adding a generous supply of value to our relationship.

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Ep. 102: Brian Dickinson climbed Mt. Everest solo, then returned completely snowblind

Brian Dickinson is a climber, author, adventurer, motivational speaker and motivational guy. Hear his story on The Nice Guys today.

Brian balances a fulltime job at Cisco Systems and motivational speaking (plus media) with climbing around the world. Here's more that we learned about him on the podcast:

He is a former Navy air rescue swimmer

He survived on Mount Everest and came back down all alone and completely blind

His vision did not fully recover for over a month

He also surfs, rappels, snowboards and rides mountain bikes.

His kids (currently 9 - 12) and his wife all climbed Kosciusko (highest point in Australia) with him in 2013.

Contact Brian-

Check out his website at

Purchase his book Blind Descent at Amazon:


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Don't underestimate the Power of Nice.

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Ep. 101: Want to be 10 % happier? Self Help Expert Ben Rubin can tell you how

If you caught our interview with Dan Harris (Ep. 92) you've heard how much good meditation can do for you. Ben Rubin is his business partner, hear more on The Nice Guys today.

Meditation is not just for hippies, yogis and Buddhists anymore. Many scientific studies have shown that it can help you stop smoking, get in shape, get focused, reduce stress, and so much more. Doug uses it, so check it out! Here's more that we learned about Ben:

-He has launched 8 self-improvement apps with world-class experts

-Partnered with NBC News Anchor Dan Harris & Joseph Goldstein to launch10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics

Here are just a few ways that meditation can help you in your everyday life:

-Personal optimization (sleep, productivity, meditation, etc.)

-Culture building at startups

-Using coaching/customer-service as a UVP for a behavior change product

All the benefits of meditation, without any of the baloney. Meditation for the fidgety skeptic. Check it out at

The i-Tunes app-

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Ep. 72 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management, Kevin Kruse

Entrepreneur, Writer, speaker, and much more. For his new book Kevin Kruse interviewed 200+ entrepreneurs, Olympians and billionaires including Mark Cuban, Kevin Harrington and Dustin Moskovitz. Hear his story on The Nice Guys today.

Read below to see how you can get a free copy of Kevin's new book "15 Secrets Successful People Know about Time Management". Here's what we learned about Kevin during the interview:

He sold his small community bank for over $100 million to Provident bank

He built a dozen new school libraries in China and Vietnam

His credo is "Life is about making an impact, not about making an income."

Here are some of his time management tips:

Value your own time.

You should throw away your to-do list

What was Mark Cuban's #1 time management secret?

Default to "No" not "Yes"

Don't forget "Me" time

Kevin's newest book was released yesterday, it's called 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management. You can get it on Amazon, or Nice Guys on Business listeners or get a free paperback copy from just need to cover shipping and handling.

Here's how to reach Kevin: Kevin@kevinkruse.com

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Ep. 46 Thrill Seeker, Entrepreneur and Viral Growth Hacker Travis Steffen

Travis Steffan is the most interesting man in the world. OK, maybe not yet, but he is working towards that. He is a Serial Entrepreneur, thrill seeker, former MMA fighter, professional Poker player, viral growth nerd and has a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology. He has sold 6 companies in the last 5 years, he loves what he does, and you can tell from the way he talks about it. His latest venture, offers tons of completely contradictory advice on how to start and run a business, and that is by design. 

• See how the small efforts will build to greater things.

• He thinks of himself as Lex Luthor…If Lex Luthor were a good guy.

• Don't be afraid to go broke, you will learn from it.

• If you have the right attitude, you can get through anything.

• You can't teach hustle or passion.

• Everyone is an outlier. What's right for you, is not right for anyone else in exactly the same way.

• He has worked with his current business partner for 6 years, and they have never met in person.

• Most of the time people in business do things because other people in business are doing it. Don't do that.

• is designed to scientifically help your product or service go viral.

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Motivation From the Fast Lane

It only takes these 6 simple steps to stay motivaited. It's as easy as-

  1. Set it
  2. Say it
  3. Feed it
  4. Play it
  5. Stay at it
  6. Accept it

Let The Nice Guys on Business, Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner tell you how.



Would You Hire You

How important is hiring the right people? Ask a couple of small start-ups with names like IBM, Zappos, and Google and they will tell you that starting with the right team is everything. The Nice Guys Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner know a lot about that, and they want to help you too. So what kind of people should you hire, and maybe even more important, would you hire you?