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252: Steven Christopher knows SEO, Web Design, Marketing and all things Digital and Nerdy

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Stephen Christopher



People are everything. It's all P2P (people to people)

We're a tribal group!

Add value

Don't just start a business, create a revolution in your field



Ask questions to strengthen your current relationships

Don't just create what you think is valuable, create something that your connections feel is valuable

Where does your ideal client hang out?

Better to do one thing well then 10 things half-assed 

Build your network and they'll tell you what they need from you. Don't fixate on trying to find the perfect product.

Rock bottom does have room for awesome memories

Don't let the fear of loss keep,you from playing the game

Are your daily tasks in alignment with your big, long term vision?


Closing Lines

Don't let your pride get in the way of needed opportunity

Here are some of the subjects we discuss:

You had a chance to tell me anything you wanted to in the prelim question and answer collection, but you wanted to tell me about the returning vacation staff. Why is that important to you?

Tell the nice guy community what it is that you do and what SeeQus is about?

I always joke about this when I am putting a funnel expert together with my content. You build a great content machine but have a crappy funnel, you are screwed. But you build a great funnel and have crappy offerings, you can still get rich. Do you believe this to be the case?

We recently have had several guests on the show, no names, owned and sold big biz, big payoff, and that was great for them, totally unrelatable for 99.9% of my audience. Share a relatable story of failure with the Nice Guy community.

Let’s talk about rewards or small daily successes and the importance of that. Is this something you practice?

Spend some time sharing how you have worked on finding your perfect niche market and how and why it’s important to do that if you own a business.



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