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Ep. 311: Treating Pain and the Brain with Dr. Joe Tatta

Pain is often a state of mind and until you realize that, you're helpless to do anything about it. Hear all about it on The Nice Guys today.


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Show Notes by Production Assistant - Anna Nygren




  • Pain is always real
  • No matter what type of pain you have, it’s a decision of the brain


Dealing with Pain

  • Pain is a sensory and emotional experience
  • Often times, people need more than just one method to treat it
  • Ask yourself, what negative beliefs are you holding on to?
    • Letting those go, can lead to pain relief
  • Physical Therapists focus just as much on body exercises as they do on mental exercises
  • Dr. Joe’s podcast emphasizes a change in paradigm of how we treat pain
  • Changing the metaphors used to describe pain, can potentially decrease it
  • Treating chronic pain is about empowering and inspiring people


Closing Lines


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Arianna Huffington Interview - Publishing Powerhouse

Publishing powerhouse  @ariannahuff  is sleeping her way to the top. Check out how she does it.

Publishing powerhouse @ariannahuff is sleeping her way to the top. Check out how she does it.

Sleep your way to the top. In her new book The Sleep Revolution- Transforming your life, one night at a time. Arianna Huffington wants to start a new revolution to get more sleep. Hear all about it on The Nice Guys Podcast. Here are some of the questions you will hear on the episode today:

Sleep deprivation is cultural. Doctors, truck drivers, students and other fields show the tougher the better. An attitude of "I'll sleep later" or “I’ll sleep when I am dead,” prevails, but is this really a good thing?

Absenteeism and presenteeism (showing up but not being productive). What is going on in the world today as it pertains to sleep?

You reference study after study, dozens if not over a hundred studies proving that In losing sleep people are not getting more done. They are actually getting less done. So why do you think this is the case?

We are less healthy, mentally disconnected and uglier when we are sleep deprived. Why aren't we taking more action to correct this?

You talk about someone that took asleeping pill and later discovered she ordered hooker clothes while under the influence. What's up with the world and the overuse of sleep medication Arianna?

People turn to drugs too quickly. You reference study after study pointing to this as a solution. What are the dangers in this and what is the solution?

The world thinks it's ok to be sleep deprived. Is that Changing in 2016?


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