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Ep. 344: Getting Rid of Marketing Nausea with Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner is a digital and content market influencer. Hear invaluable tips from him on The Nice Guys today. 


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Show Notes by Production Assistant - Anna Nygren




  • The natural instinct to promote products just like everyone else is, is a NO GO
  • Don’t be a marketer that does what frustrates you as a consumer


It’s all about Presentation

  • Think counter-intuitively
    • Reach people the way that you’d want to be reached as a consumer
  • Try owning the problem instead of forcing a solution
    • Focus on creating a community and introducing the narrative to solve the problem with transparency
  • There’s also a lack of leadership in marketing due to the need to sell, sell, sell
  • Action Step:
    • Take the time to write out what didn’t work and don’t do it again!


Closing Lines

  • A shockingly low number of people like what they do, as in 8%
    • Be in the 8%
  • Check out:
    • BuzzSumo (tells you the most shared pieces of content around that topic)
    • Answerthepublic (it’ll tell you all of the questions the people ask their search engine around your subject)


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Ep. 159 Jeff Herrmann is all about Content Marketing and Social Selling


Jeff - @JeffLHerrmann

Doug - @djdoug

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Jeff Hermann wants to elevate the sales profession. He can help turn sales leaders to thought leaders. Hear all about it on The Nice Guys today.

Jeff Hermann has some amazing ideas and stories on the sales process and how to personalize it. Here are some more things you will learn on the podcast today: 

-Get out of a "Transactional model" and into a "Partnership model."

-Content is more than just words.

Be yourself. Share your knowledge. Don't try to fake it.

- Stick to your theme.

-Remember the Content Marketing Mission statement-

1. Who's the target?

2. What's delivered?

3. What's in it for the Audience?

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Ep. 76 Social Media Publishing Expert Nathan Ellering from CoSchedule

Is your social media Publishing taking up too much of your time? Then you need CoSchedule, hear all about it with Nathan Ellering in The Nice Guys Interview today. It's a marketing calendar that combines deadlines, workflows, and communication to help people create and share content more efficiently than ever before.


What we learned from Nathan today:    

- CoSchedule has grown from 8,318 subscribers a year ago to over 52,000 today.  

- If your marketing is good, you may not need to hire a sales team.     

- Make your content unique, and focus on your audience.     

- Quality over quantity, make sure your content is great.     

- CoSchedule is great for collaboration with a team.    

- It can be synced with Evernote, Google Docs, and WordPress.    


Get your free 14 day trial of CoSchedule here:     


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Ep. 25 Ted Coine Interview

Ted Coine is the Chief Marketing Officer for, entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, author, and he knows that the business world is changing. His company can help you change with it.

Two subjects that we take a deep dive with with Ted:

  1. How has social media and content marketing radically changed the business world?
  2. How can you make the world a better place to live? The Nice Guys on Business Podcast - Subscribe to the podcast

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