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Ep. 399: Croft Edwards on Learning to Lead and Transforming Your Company

Croft Edwards knows Flow. Hear all about it on the Nice Guys today. 

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Show Notes by Production Assistant - Anna Nygren




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Whinding Up

  • Croft was on Episode 64! He was one of the very first NGOB victims
  • A master certified coach means you've got a lot of training and have been around for a long time
  • In most organizations, moods and emotions are taboo unless they’re positive
  • In crisis situations, our bodies take over
  • The leadership flow methodology is, “How do I bring out the best in me as a leader?’
  • The body comes into play in success


Closing Lines

  • How we observe the world is what we see
  • What’s most important is how you show up emotionally and mentally



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Ep. 64 What is Leadership and Change Coaching? Interview with Croft Edwards

Croft Edwards is a master of teaching people how to be leaders, and without this your business will never grow. Croft gives amazing advice on how to lead and align your company for optimal performance. He is on an active trajectory to bring the concept of LeadershipFlow to the world. The premise is how do you, through leadership, create flow in individuals and organizations. Flow is defined as optimal human performance where you feel your best and perform your best. He explores leadership from an ontological perspective, exploring how leaders show up in language, moods/emotions and the body and how to shift how one shows up. I am in the early stages of the book on leadership flow and have started the exploration of Keynote speaking to share my message.

He works a lot with entrepreneurs on how they physically show up, their leadership presence, and how their presence is determining their success as an entrepreneur. The challenges of entrepreneurship can be less about the product or service the entrepreneur sells and more about how they show up, the conversations they share, and the moods and emotions in which they live. 

Here are some things we learned from him:

  • The most difficult person you have to lead as a leader is yourself. What you bring to the table every day will steer your employees to do the same. 
  •  "Change Coaching" is all about helping businesses fundamentally change the way they do things. 
  • From his Special Forces background he learned the technique of "Going Native" which means immersing himself into the culture of his client's companies. 
  • He puts himself into the action to see a leader in their natural environment.
  • He focuses on moods and emotions, assessing these is the keys to what makes a company tick. 
  • He fights against "Resignation and Resentment", these are the primary emotions that work against companies being productive. 
  • "Leadership flow" is all about creating flow for a company's management and employees. 
  • You have to take care of your team. Every team member has different cares, and you need to know what they are. 
  • There are 3 perspectives of "care". The Organization's, the Manager's, and the Employees care. and they are often not in alignment. 


Contact Croft Edwards-

Twitter- @croftedwards

LinkedIn- www.linkedin/in/croftedwards

Croft also writes on

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The Rise of Superman- Steven Cottler-

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