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Ep. 297: Pat Perdue on Understanding the Customer Experience

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Show Notes by Production Assistant - Anna Nygren


Today’s it’s all things customer experience, you may or may not know the term, but you certainly will know how important it is after you listen to my friend and fellow entrepreneur, podcaster and all around nice guy Pat Purdue share his story today on The Nice Guys on Business, welcome to the podcast Pat! Here are some of teh questions Pat answers today:

  • How does a "Customer Experience" differ from Customer Service?
  • What is a "Customer Experience Mindset" and what does this means in real life for an entrepreneur?
  • What brands today understand this? I  mean I think companies like SouthWest Air, Zappos, Ritz Carlton do.
  • Why don’t most companies work towards this? Does it cost more, involve greater training? Why not do this with all companies?
  • Sounds like management needs to give up some control (and put it in the hands of the front line) to make this a reality, do you see it the same way?
  • How can a small company looking to grow get their customers to create some of the BUZZ about a great customer experience. Seems like this would be the ultimate in promo for your company?

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Ep. 165: Improve your customer experience with Eli Federman

Eli Federman-@efed27

Doug- @DJDoug

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Every experience that you provide to your customer molds their impression of your company. Eli Federman knows how to improve that. Hear all about it on The Nice Guys today.

Eli's company is Customer Service Simplified, and he works every day to help other companies Improve the customer experience.

He Helped a large U.S. mobile carrier re-imagine their customer experience across all channels.

There are 3 critical elements- People, Process and Technology.

It all comes down to leadership. As the CEO, you must be in touch with what your customers want.

It's critical to have the right people who are passionate about creating a great customer experience.

Chief Customer Experience Officer. 10 years ago, this position didn't exist.

Simple things can have a huge impact.

Check out Eli's company - A look through his website will lead you to various publications and blog posts he's written and hopefully leave you with a bit of learning for what makes an outstanding customer experience

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Ep. 131: Today we talk with Customer Service Influencer Mike Aoki

Mike Aoki was named one of the Top 50 Customer Service Influencers on Twitter by the ICMI. Hear his amazing customer service advice on The Nice Guys today.

 Here are some great questions that we answer on the podcast today:

 -Why is Inside Sales among the biggest trends this year?

-What are some of the pitfalls of transitioning a traditional customer service department to an inside sales role?

-How can you balance sales and service, so customers stay loyal?

-What do good call skills look like?

-How do you coach people who use the phone all day?

And some great advice:

 -How you and your employees can use the phone, email and social media to stay in touch with your clients

-How you can coach your team to deliver great customer service

- How to deal with irate callers and boost loyalty

- How to sell more effectively over the phone

- Sales coaching for contact center Agents

- How you can manage your time, so you have time to manage your team

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Ep. 115: Be extraordinary. Learn how today from leadership development expert Mark Sanborn

Mark is a NY Times best selling author, a member of National Speaker Association’s Hall of Fame, professional speaker and president of a studio for leadership development. His client list of over 2400 clientsis like a who’s who in the corporate world and includes Harley Davidson, FedEx, HP, IBM, Microsoft and ESPN. Here are some things we learned from Mark today: 

It's important to be a nice guy, but sometimes you need to let the world feel your weight.

What you do is not as important as how you do it.

The difference being normal vs. being extraordinary can be just a few simple thinks that you do every day.

Using ABCD can help- Go "Above and Beyond the Call of Duty."

Personal responsibility, authentic relationships and respects for others make a triangle for success in life.

Don't think "I have to do this", change that to "I get to do this", inject fun into whatever you do.

Nobody can prevent you from choosing to be exceptional.

Everyone makes a difference, what kind of difference do you choose to make?

Here's how to contact Mark:

Phone- 303-683-0714

Speaking engagements- 910-256-3495

Fill out my online form.



Ep. 100: We made it to 100 Episodes! WOW!

podcast-02 (1).jpg

In honor of our 100th episode we are recapping The Nice Guy's year.

No need for extensive show notes, we're just talking about all the great things that we've done this year. Review of episodes about Customer Service Skills, Customer Experience,  Building Relationships, Best Customer Service Tips and how to improve your business. And if you get tired of listening to us just fast forward to 31:00 to listen to some of Steve O'Brien's greatest drops.

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Don't underestimate the Power of Nice.

Nice Guys Finish First
By Doug Sandler



Ep. 99: Jamie Dennis knows customer service and loyalty

The hospitality industry is incredibly competitive, so it takes a lot to be #1, and that's what Jamie Dennis has done at the Jefferson Clinton Hotel. Here how she does it on the Nice Guys today.

Great customer service tips in this podcast interview

Jamie is the General Manager of the Jefferson Clinton Hotel. Jamie provides listeners to today's show some top customer service skills and actionable ways for building relationships in business.  

Rated #1 hotel in Syracuse, NY on Trip Advisor

Employee retention is huge, it's hard to be successful if you are putting resources into training new people.

Don't hire someone who just wants "a job", find people who really want to be there.

You also need people who will do whatever job needs to be done at the time.

Here's how to contact Jamie-

416 South Clinton St. Syracuse, NY 13202

Reservations- 315-425-0500

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Ep. 57 Understanding Your Customer's Journey

You are not just selling to your customer, you are taking them on a journey. Make sure you know the critical steps of that journey so you can adjust your course for maximum profit. 

Tech Talk- is a free forms generator. If you are not using forms with your E-Mail campaign to get feedback from your customers, you have to look into

Signature Advice- Writing your customer map

  • Why do more people go to Starbucks than to Dunkin' Donuts? Because of the customer experience that Starbucks has created
  • Know your customer's Touch Points
  • You make the choice of what experience you want to offer your customer
  • Where are you losing your customers? Without a customer map, you may never know

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