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Ep. 165: Improve your customer experience with Eli Federman

Eli Federman-@efed27

Doug- @DJDoug

Strickland- @NiceGuyonBiz

Every experience that you provide to your customer molds their impression of your company. Eli Federman knows how to improve that. Hear all about it on The Nice Guys today.

Eli's company is Customer Service Simplified, and he works every day to help other companies Improve the customer experience.

He Helped a large U.S. mobile carrier re-imagine their customer experience across all channels.

There are 3 critical elements- People, Process and Technology.

It all comes down to leadership. As the CEO, you must be in touch with what your customers want.

It's critical to have the right people who are passionate about creating a great customer experience.

Chief Customer Experience Officer. 10 years ago, this position didn't exist.

Simple things can have a huge impact.

Check out Eli's company - A look through his website will lead you to various publications and blog posts he's written and hopefully leave you with a bit of learning for what makes an outstanding customer experience

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