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Ep. 282: Goal Setting & Focus Beyond Taco Bell and Beer Money with Ryan Ayres

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  • Sometimes we are our own worst enemy in regards to executing goals
  • We’re putting too much time and energy into things that don’t matter
  • Don’t get caught up in the desire to be the next Elon Musk, but rather on what daily task are you taking to get to your goal

Just Do It

  • We work so hard on the things that are out of our control
    • Stop doing that
  • Are the things you’re doing lining up with what you want to focus on?
  • Take some time to define the North Star of your goals
  • Ryan balances his faith, family and fitness which keeps him focused… what are you balancing?
  • You’ve got to know what actions make you successful - emailing, cold calling etc.
  • Then do that more
  • Trust your gut instinct, live in your ‘now’

Closing Lines

  • So many people don’t think positively about themselves, which severely limits them
  • When you’re stuck in your head, you’re not in your zone of genius
  • Use. Your. Gut.



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Ep. 37 Time Management- Stop Multitasking and Get Focused!

Time Management- Stop Multitasking and Get Focused!

If you think you are getting more done by multitasking, think again. The Nice Guys will teach you a proven system to be more productive right now, plus a bonus opener from John Lee Dumas! Here are some of the highlights:

• List your most important tasks

• List the things that distract you the most

• Schedule blocks of time for each, small blocks for the things that distract you, in between larger blocks of your productive time

• Don't cross the streams! Keep each task within its block and don't get distracted

• Don't try to multitask, it doesn't work, Trust us, we're Nice Guys.

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John Lee Dumas

Don't cross the streams

Multitasking experiment

And another

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