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Ep. 394: What's in the box Ray Cao? Marketing ideas that will make you Money

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Show Notes by Production Assistant - Anna Nygren




Marketing Science

  • Exact Media is the AirBnB for marketing
    • They use the audience of one company to promote another company
    • The big brand is getting paid for letting that company promote
  • People don’t focus enough on whether or not they’ve got the audience’s attention
  • Check out Exact Media’s Connections
    • For those who don’t have a strong financial platform, this will put you in front of big brands and let them bid on your product


Closing Lines

  • Punch above your weight!






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Ep. 159 Jeff Herrmann is all about Content Marketing and Social Selling


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Jeff Hermann wants to elevate the sales profession. He can help turn sales leaders to thought leaders. Hear all about it on The Nice Guys today.

Jeff Hermann has some amazing ideas and stories on the sales process and how to personalize it. Here are some more things you will learn on the podcast today: 

-Get out of a "Transactional model" and into a "Partnership model."

-Content is more than just words.

Be yourself. Share your knowledge. Don't try to fake it.

- Stick to your theme.

-Remember the Content Marketing Mission statement-

1. Who's the target?

2. What's delivered?

3. What's in it for the Audience?

Check out Jeff's company- Fathom Digital Marketing and Analytics

Get in touch with Jeff- Jeff@PublishorPerish.FM

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Ep 117 and 118 Mike Kawula, Twitter Expert. So Good, He has 2 Episodes

He used Twitter to grow a Local Cleaning company to 7 figures, a national online store to 7 figures and now using it again to grow his SaaS startup to 7 figures. He is a big believer in collaboration, relationships and building your business before it starts. Hear all about it from Mike Kawula on The Nice Guys today.

Here's more that we learned about Mike on the podcast today:

He sold his last 2 businesses each hitting $1 Million+ in sales in the 1st 3 years, the most recent one was ranked the 144th fastest growing business by Inc. Magazine.

His newest startup is on track to also hit $1 Million in ARR within its first 2 years. 

If you are just starting out on Twitter make sure you cover the basics and include:

A good cover and profile picture

A good, extensive bio

Your location

Your web address

And more Twitter tips-

Learn how to create a pinned tweet

Have a following strategy

Be proactive to find the right followers

Check out TweetChat parties to learn more tips

How to use Pixels- reach out to people who have visited your website

Learn about your Twitter Audit Score

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Ep. 58 Stacey Sherman, Entertainment Marketing Professional, Interview

Today's interview is with Stacey Sherman, founder of RSP Entertainment Marketing. Hear how she met Cee Lo Green, tweeted from Dick Vitale's phone, and would rather sit on a road case than in a seat at a show. 

• Most RSP Entertainment clients are unsigned, so they need Stacey's help really bad!

• RSP focuses mostly on publicity and media consulting for independent musical acts. 

• She set up a backstage meet and greet introduction for Dick Vitale at a Lionel Richie show (and tells a great story about it during the interview)

• Spoke about the importance of PR to a group of NARAS musicians (the Grammy people) at a NYC event

• Interviewing Lita Ford as the special guest host for the Brassy Broadcast

What did we learn from the interview:

• She is all about promoting other people.

• Others think she is a unicorn because magical, weird connection things happen to her. 

•  Don't be afraid to ask questions. The smartest people realize that they don't know everything. You can learn something from everyone you meet if you are open minded.

• People matter. Treat people with the respect and simple courtesy that everyone deserves and you might be surprised how far you'll get.

•  Getting thrown out of your comfort zone can sometimes be just the thing you need to start doing what you were really supposed to be doing all along.

• Trying to get musicians signed is not as glamourous as you might think, it's a lot of work and there is a ton of rejection.

• She's all about projecting a professional business image, but loves to drop the "F-Bomb" in her personal life. 

• At a show, she is most comfortable backstage sitting on a road case. 

Reach out to Stacey:

RSP Entertainment Marketing

Twitter or Facebook- @RSPEntMktg

Special shout out to The Jefferson Clinton Hotel, Syracuse, NY. This is Stacey's FAVORITE hotel and they excel at over top customer service. Check them out here and tell them The Nice Guys sent you.  

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Ep. 47 Why you need a well rounded marketing plan

A well rounded marketing plan is the key to any small business, let The Nice Guys help you put it together.

Go to Start Up School Online Free Webinar and sign up for the free premier webinar on July 29.  

Tech Talk- Quickbooks Online

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Ep. 39 Who the Heck is My Customer?

You can't sell until you have customers, but how do you get them? First, you need to figure out who your customer is, today The Nice Guys help you figure that out.

Here are some of the highlights:

Find your business' Avatar. Focus in on exactly who your customer is. Figure out what they want and need, and sell them that. Whatever you are selling, you're solving a problem. The 80/20 rule- 80% of your business comes from 20% of your leads. Figure out how to focus on the 20% Contact Doug directly at (1) 410-340-6861 (that's country code 1 for anyone from Dubai) The first person from Dubai who reaches out to us will receive a free copy of Doug's book "Nice Guys Finish First"

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Ep. 24 Your Social Media Campaign. 5 Essential Elements

In order to be successful, any business, no matter the size, should focus its attention on building a social media campaign with the following components in mind:

THE LIST- It’s a great idea to start here because any campaign, even an awesome one, will go absolutely nowhere if there is no one to promote a product or service to

BRAND- Would I know who you are if I saw your logo? Do you have a signature saying or slogan that’s easily recognizable?

CONTENT- What are you doing to be an expert in your industry? If you become the expert, others will point to you and they will promote your products as well.

CALL TO ACTION- When you create your message or your content, you must tell people what you want them to do.

HUMAN ELEMENT- Above all else, people like to feel as though they are connecting with other people, not machines.

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