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Ep. 161: Today we talk Marketing with Billee Howard, the CEO (Chief Engagement Officer) at BRANDthropologie

Billee Howard believes that culture and commerce are colliding in ways we've never seen before, and we agree. Here more on The Nice Guys today.

Billee on Twitter- @mashuptweet

Doug on Twitter- @djdoug

Strick on Twitter - @NiceGuyonBiz

Here are some of the things you'll hear from Billee on the podcast today:

- It's a new era of engagement. It's not enough to just sell anymore, you have to engage your consumer.

- Use storytelling to connect with your potential customers.

- Create a level of immersion with your brand.

- Her company Brandthropology does everything from brand positioning, content creation and production, to SEO and Web design.

- How can a company stand up and be noticed when there are literally a thousand others just like them?

-The world is so small today, how is it possible that to take the little guy and put him or her on the main stage?

- What mistakes do you see being made by organizations today in trying to get there message out to the world.


Get a copy of Billee's book here:

We-Commerce: How to create, collaborate and succeed in a sharing economy.

And check out BRANDthropologie here:

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Ep. 109: Accelerate your online business growth, hear how from Tom Schwab

Tom Schwab is an accomplished author, blogger, speaker, and business owner, his work has been featured in Forbes, LinkedIn, Hubspot, and EO Fire among others, and he is COO of  View from the Top which offers business and life coaching services.

Here's more that we learned about Tom today:

He graduated from the Naval Academy and was a Nuclear Surface Warfare Officer.

He leads the E-Commerce user group HubSpot.

He recently wrote a blog called "I want fewer leads in 2016"

And more to learn on the podcast today:

Marketing is just starting a conversation with someone who can become a customer

Learn how to build an online business with an inbound strategy

"Certificates of appreciation" from your customers is the money they give you, they show their appreciation in the form of sales.

Marketing strategies have a shelf life- What worked 10 years ago won't work today.

"View from the Top" business coaching includes not only 1 on 1 coaching, but also a mastermind group and private membership community

Go to Tom's website- for tons of great free content including:

48 low cost ways to convert visitors into customers on your site

The 9 secrets to getting booked on your first podcast

How to crush a Kickstarter campaign

Why you need fewer leads, not more

Always learn from your mistakes

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Don't underestimate the Power of Nice.

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