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Ep. 174: Motivation, getting out of your own way, and seeing dead people with Dr. Shirley

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Today’s show will be a life saver...we are going to talk about everything alive and dead. Dr Shirley famed mind-body therapist, media personality, author. She can help you Go from being a passive victim of your past to an active creator of your future, no matter where you are coming from.

- What are your triggers?

- How do people break out of their there a script?

- Nothing seems to be off limits to you, life and death. You even work with a medium, how does that fit into today’s world?

- Let’s talk about success and failure. How in control of it are we?

- Do you ever feel like life is nothing more than a “show”?

- Why do humans continually search for acceptance?

- Co-writing a book has to be so difficult. I can’t even get my own thoughts straight. What’s that like?

- Help me with one word...the word I use more than most others when dealing with myself and my business...the work is WHY? Why do we question everything?

- Why do we either love our parents or hate our parents? And how is it we can do both?

- How does understanding the "why" of things allow for change to occur?

Shirley Impellizzeri, PhD


Check out her internet podcast at with my former intern and good friend Kellee White, who is a medium.

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Ep. 78: Tammy Tilson knows dating, matchmaking, relationships & psychotherapy

Kickball for a first date? Psychotherapist and creator of "The MatchPro" Tammy Tilson has a unique insight into people and business. Hear all about it on The Nice Guys interview today.


Here's what you can learn about Tammy today:


-She started event planning as a means to bring singles together


-She runs 2 businesses- Professional matchmaker and dating coach


-She has been printed in 3 publications


-How to keep reinventing yourself in the business world


-Online dating is not going away, but it's not getting any better either. Tammy offers a great alternative


Here's how to reach Tammy Tilson


Phone- (410) 602-1683

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