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Ep. 141 Working on a startup? Alex Gorstan can help

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There are 10 critical things to know when considering a startup. You can learn them all on The Nice Guys Podcast today.

Alex's lessons learned in the world of startups:

1. Before taking action, make sure you understand exactly what problem you’re trying to solve and who you are trying to solve it for.

2. You’re tricking yourself and your investors if you think that your business is worth a dime until you prove you can earn one!

3. Wherever you have a strong network is where you should build your business. New York or California is not the only places startups can be successful.

4. The first five people you hire will define the culture of your company forever. This might be the most important decision you will make.

5. It’s not just about making a product, it’s also about telling the world about it - you must do both excellently.

6. Make a plan, then throw it away. Plans are worthless, but planning is everything. (Eisenhower’s advice)

7. Throw your first design away. You learn a lot during the design process and the first one is still plagued by assumptions you had when you first started. The 2nd design will be much better.

8. Thinking about starting something and have your eyes on San Francisco? Take a detour for a year, find a job that will move you there and get you grounded in a new city while you moonlight and make some network connections. Then jump if you’re ready to do so.

9. Engineering is important, but design is even more important and usually more difficult. Find yourself a rockstar designer, don’t try to do it yourself, even if you can.

10. Start today! As you get older, your network will get stronger, you will become wiser and more skilled but it will become more difficult to take risks. You may have children on the way, maybe they’ll be starting school. Your parent’s might be aging and need your help. Murphy is just around the corner waiting to enact his law and you’ll be stuck wishing you’d given it a shot.

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Ep. 66 StartUp Expert and Founder of Intently, Micha Mikailian

Imagine Pintrest meets Pandora, replacing all your browser ads. How great would that be? That's what Micha's new Intently software does. Hear more about his journey and sign up free at free.

Here's what we learned from Micha Mikailian in today's interview:

Intently is his 8th startup

Intently replaces all of the browser ads you see with whatever content you want

Don't wait until your product/service is perfect before you release it, you will never believe it is perfect

Figure out what you don't do well and pay someone else to do that so you can focus on things you do well

Work hard, but find balance also. You have to take care of yourself

Build what you love, do what you love, and the money will come

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