Ep. 307: Thom Singer Explains Why “Busy” is not the New “Black”

Thom Singer Explains Why “Busy” is not the New “Black” and why being in the present will get you far more than scanning the horizon for your next deal. Today's episode provides evidence why Thom is a highly sought after professional speaker and world class coach. Tune into The Nice Guys Today.

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Show Notes by Production Assistant - Anna Nygren



  • If you ever feel stuck in your career, interview 50 people
  • There’s so much noise on social media that your message will get less and less clicks


Cool Things

  • When you’re with people, choose people
  • I.e. Get off your fuckin’ phone
  • Understand that a like on FB isn’t a friendship
  • Try this: Don’t connect with someone on social media unless you’ve had, at a minimum, a 20 minute conversation with them
  • “Busy” has become a faux badge of honor
  • Try to find a mastermind group in your area!
  • When you go to an event, go with the attitude of “Who can I impact today?”


Closing Lines

  • Your runway to your business taking off isn’t gonna be what you think it is...
  • A lot of late nights
  • Sacrifices
  • Some tears


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