Ep. 132: Doug and Strickland talk customer service

Click to download episode directly from Libsyn

Click to download episode directly from Libsyn

We have mostly clean episodes and a few explicit ones. This is the latter. Today, we mostly shoot the shit about nothing. Here's everything we talk about on the show today:

-Does Doug laugh too much on the show?

-Do you want to hear us be more, or less serious?

-Do we curse too much?

-How do you train unmotivated employees?

Please chime in, tell us what you think.  We need your feedback and we're willing to bribe you for it. Call 42-42-DJDoug, let us know what you think and we'll send you a copy of each of our books- Doug's "Nice Guys Finish First" and Strickland's "Guys Guide to Las Vegas". Only available for the first 10 callers, we'll each even sign them for you. 

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