Ep. 231: Eating Right, Getting Healthy and Chillin' With The Nice Guys

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  • Whole30 Diet is basically a meat, fruit, veggies and nuts diet!
    • Shopping is a bit pricey
  • Looking for an easy way to schedule, reschedule and crush your appointments?
    • Check out Acuity
  • BMoreBiz is affordable and you’re going to learn
    • So, why not?!
  • DC Pod-fest!
    • Nov. 4th and 5th


Neighborhood Personalities

  • Some people are social and some aren’t
  • Doug is so tired of hearing his neighbor play basketball at 1 in the morning! Really? Who does that?
    • Should Doug leave a nice letter for him or just call the Po-po?
  • Doug never wants to come across as a racist. Noted.
  • If your project didn’t work, ask yourself: Do you need a couple of tweaks or does the idea just not float?
    • There are some guests that Doug keeps an eye on...some are sinking and some are swimming
    • Are you letting things slip? Do you need to take a step back and take things from a different angle?


Closing Lines

  • A few of the guests that have continued on their path to success are….
    • Max Yoder
    • Sam Morris
    • Joel Boggess
    •  Jeffrey Hayzlett
  • “Follow your goals, just take small steps and they can be huge”    -Doug Sandler


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