Nice guys finish first.

Better relationships. Better business.

Doug Sandler will teach you the fundamental building blocks to create and foster better relationships for better business.

Our team really received some valuable advice which will make them better, not only in their sales career, but in life.
— Josh Felperin, Siemens Sr. Sales Manager
Everyone left with smiles on their faces, memories of a great speaker, and a desire to reconnect with clients on a more meaningful level. Emails are still coming in from attendees praising his content and delivery. I would definitely recommend Doug to others looking to reinvigorate their teams and improve their client relations.
— Andrea Williams, Destination DC

Keynote Speaking

People skills need to be sharpened. Email, text messaging and social media are all designed to help us share information more effectively, but customers today feel more distant than ever before. Is technology taking the personal "touch" out of your business relationships? It is time to get back to basics and build better relationships with your customers, co-workers and prospects.  Doug Sandler will teach your team how to turn connections into relationships that will last a lifetime. Better relationships. Better business.

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Learning & Training

The “Finish First” workshops and online learning platforms are highly interactive and are great for companies large and small. Even if you are an independent business owner or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Doug Sandler's practices and systems are guaranteed to show positive, lasting results. 

Workshops are offered in full and half day sessions but can be customized to fit your needs. Our online training program is available for you and your team to go at your own pace.

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