Ep. 140: Fear of public speaking? Steve Rohr can help with that

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America's #1 fear is public speaking. #2 is death. If you're one of those people, Steve Rohr can help you on the Nice Guys today.

Here are some things you will hear on the podcast today:

- Why nerves are GOOD.

- How to manage NERVES.

- How to stop negative Self-Talk

- How to get rid of the Inner-Critic.

- Why you should be Happy for other people when they're successful.

- Why you should surround yourself with positive people.

- The role of Sacrifice when you're an innovator.

- What do you think our audience of entrepreneurs would want to hear from you?        

- How body language (eye contact, handshake, touch, etc.) plays a vital role when interacting with a potential client, angel investor, buyer.

- 93% of the emotional message when interacting is non verbal.

Get Steve's book here- Scared Speechless: 9 ways to overcome your fears and captivate your audience

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