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Ep. 401: Laura Roeder Brings Value to Posts of Social Media Past. #MeetEdgar

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Show Notes by Production Assistant - Anna Nygren




Meeting Edgar

  • Meet Edgar is a tool that was designed out of the resulting frustration of teaching others about social media
    • Meet Edgar saves your posts for repurposing
  • This company is 100% focused on small business
  • You can repurpose your content and keep it fresh!
    • Check out Meet Edgar’s Blog
  • You may seem like you’re repeating yourself but new customers means fresh eyes!
  • You’ve got to publish your own content bringing people to your site!


Closing Lines

  • Your content will be good for years to come! So utilize it to the fullest
  • How we spend our days, is how we spend our lives




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Ep. 185: Doug says Carlos Gil knows that Marketing People Don’t Know Shit, your Customer Knows Everything

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Carlos Gil, Self-Taught Marketer - “Marketing People Don’t Know Shit, it is Your Customer that Knows Everything”

  • In this generation, most marketers are force feeding their agendas to customers. They are not aware of the conversations that are happening on social media.
  • You build character when you get told, “no” but you also gain a lot of relationships.
  • How do we get people to think like a customer?
    • Think: “Would your own sales tactics drive you to buy anything?”
  • People are the true marketers, so teach them about the value that your product can give them. Brand Loyalty.
  • A lot of marketers see social media as a way to force feed content. Even with this new school avenue, old school rules STILL APPLY. People really want to engage with their friends on SOCIAL MEDIA, not to see what your new special deal is.
  • The key word in social media is “social”, you have to have conversations. This form of connections give businesses an opportunity to LISTEN.
  • Social media is like a piggy bank - interactions are like the pennies, nickels and dimes. The free value that you provide  for others are the larger bills that will add up long term.
  • Content needs to be informative, engaging and fun.
  • Think of your snapchat as your own private Youtube channel! Over 14% of U.S. snapchat users are over the age of 45.
  • There is no one out there better than the next guy, it is all about putting in the time and the work. Be a practitioner.
  • The best thing to do is to be open and upfront. It is up to you to train yourself to reach the next level.
  • If an employer is not supportive of your growth and development, that is not the right place to be.

Contact Info:

Twitter: @CarlosGil83


Snapchat: thecarlosgil





Show notes: Production Assistant - Anna Nygren

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Don't underestimate the Power of Nice.



Ep. 103: Ted Rubin is a connector, relationship builder, speaker, and a really nice guy

Ted Rubin has more good advice on business than we could squeeze into 25 minutes, so we let him talk longer. Hell, Doug was begging Ted to stay on the show longer. Amazing info that you have to listen to on The Nice Guys today. The "F" bomb is dropped, Ted gets so passionate.

Here's what we learned from Ted on the Podcast today:

It's all about "RonR" - Return on Relationships #RonR

Focus on who you are and what you're saying, not on how many followers you have.

Look people in the eye digitally- Connect in the same way you would face to face.

Measure the ROI of Trust and the ROI of Loyalty, they both lead to ROI

Brands are from Mars, and consumers are from Venus.

A network gives you reach, but a community gives you power.

Get in touch with Ted:

Twitter- @TedRubin



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Don't underestimate the Power of Nice.



Ep. 30: Secrets to finding employment in the Social Media Era. Jeff Sheehan Interview

Our interview today is with Jeff Sheehan, one of the world’s top followed B2B Sales and Marketing Professionals on Twitter specializing in Technology, Integrated Marketing & Social Media. Jeff offers value to his clients as a Marketing Consultant And Speaker. Sheehan Marketing Strategies is focused on helping businesses, professionals, non-profits and individuals be found through on and off-site SEO practices including Social Media platforms such as Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. This contributes to further awareness of their marketing presence, increase in market share, and growth in sales revenue

Jeff has worked with Intel, Apple Computer, Cisco Systems, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, AT&T,Exxon, BASF, Dart & Kraft, Dow Chemical, Siemens, and Nordson, to name a few, as well as many small and midsize businesses.

Here are some of the highlights:

• Find out who you are. What do you represent? What do you want to do with your life? What are you good at? Figure THAT out, and run with it.

• Trying to find employment over 50 doesn't have to be difficult if you have a specific skill set that is in demand. "Generalists" will have a hard time being successful.

• Find one thing you do well, and be the best you can at that.

• Build your connections, your "personal brand" and your network.

• With you contacts, have the mindset of "what can I do to help you", not "what can you do for me."

• Follow people with common interests on Twitter, then connect with them on LinkedIn.

• Jeff's Book, Hired! Paths to Employment in the Social Media Era, is the result of 4 years of research and includes contributions from 28 different authors.

• There is a disconnect between hiring managers, talent acquisition managers, and candidates right now.

• Jobs are being vetted by committee now, multiple people need to approve a candidate before hiring today.

• HireVue is one company that interviews candidates on video and stores these interviews, so employers can watch these anytime without even contacting a candidate.

• Don't "ride a wave" too long. If you feel a wave cresting, think about finding the net wave, or the next big thing.

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How to reach Jeff:


Sheehan Marketing Strategies-

Author- Hired! Paths to Employment in the social Media Era.

LinkedIn- jeffsheehan2010

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