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More than 60% of companies fail due to a lack of capital or credit. You may not think your business needs credit, but it can make the difference between success and failure if you do it wrong. Find out all about it on The Nice Guys today. 

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Ty helps companies establish business credit profiles and scores for their business. This is very different from your personal credit score that is attached to your social security number, but it is just as important. Here are a few things to know about Ty:

– His company has maintained over 300% annual growth.

– He has meet with members of congress regarding the financing and credit industry.

– Big banks are not the best source of capital for a startup.

– If you have a business credit card but you used your social security number to get it, it’s not really a business card and it may be hurting your personal credit.

Here are some of the questions that TY answers today:

-Can any business really get business credit?

-What big mistakes are businesses making when it comes to getting or not getting credit?

-Is it truly possible for a business to get business credit without a personal credit check?

-Why does it seem that only big companies are the ones who get business credit?

-Does it matter what type of entity structure you have when you build business credit?

-How fast can a business build business credit?

-Do business credit cards have any impact on personal credit?

-Who can see a business credit report, only the business owner?

-Does a business owner need collateral or cash flow to get business credit?-

-What types of credit do lenders look at to decide on approving you for money?

-How does a business start a business credit profile and score?

-What types of businesses should have business credit?


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