How do you invest in your clients? Do you return phone calls and emails? Do you help your clients understand how you can solve their problems? Do you spend more time talking about THEM instead of YOU? If you are truly invested in your clients, you will be building a relationship instead of just a sale.  

Case Study: In a world of “take a number” dry cleaners on every corner, Jim, the dry cleaner, built his 460 client business one relationship at a time. His typical day starts at 7:30AM and finishes about 9 hours later so he can spend time with his 2 young kids and wife. What is most interesting about his business is that he says “I didn’t go into the dry cleaning business, I am in the people business and just so happens to be dry cleaning.” Interesting concept Jim has, picking up and dropping off your cleaning at the same price as you taking your stuff to the cleaners. JIM IS INVESTED IN HIS CUSTOMERS. According to Jim, “You need to be willing to do anything for your customer, whether it’s same day service, returning lost licenses or credit cards, cash, PowerBall tickets or jewelry left in pockets. But it’s not just that, because my competition probably will do that too. It’s about EXEMPLARY service. Your customer today will be your competition’s tomorrow if you don’t deliver the cleaning AND provide exemplary service.” says Jim. With 460 clients and route that spans one of Marylands wealthiest counties Jim’s previous experience as a logistics and ops manager for Fedex has served him well. Plus his experience in the back breaking business of landscaping  taught him about hard work (that he never wants to go back to). Hard work, dedication, and exemplary customer service have served Jim well. Jim is INVESTED in his clients.