Ep. 248: Bob Jones knows Failure, Authenticity, and Success. And he's a bit of a nerd too! Just like Doug

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  • Don’t chase the numbers, focus on the quality of the engagement
    • The rest is all vanity bullshit
  • When people are trying to make social media a career, there is a tendency to lose authenticity.
    • Social media paying the bills becomes the priority


Fail Your Face Off

  • Failure is a natural occurrence in anything you do
    • Every failure gives you a nugget of gold
  • Stop comparing yourself to others, but look back at all of the struggles you’ve experienced and how you got through them
  • The only thing that you can be sure of is yourself
    • So work on yourself
    • It’s the survival of the most adaptable person
  • We have the internet. Free information, on anything. Go learn something!
  • Know what you’re talking about. Period.


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