Ep. 225: What's It All About? Doug Still Has Questions About Judaism

The Nice Guys talk Religion? Really? Yup, hear all about it on the podcast today.


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  • Workers at Disney are not allowed to say no… sounds pretty magical
  • If Doug and Strick set up in the lobby of The Ritz, would the employees  sacrifice their customer positivity promise and call the Nice Guys out on their shenanigans
  • Do we need to say it again? BMoreBiz Conference. Pack your bags
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  • How much religion is enough religion?
    • The day that you atone for your sins in the Jewish religion, you fast. Unless your Doug
    • Is it not our job to carry on the tradition of our own religion?
    • Doug is proud to be a Jew
  • Strick thinks that you have to change with times but still honor the religion itself
    • Do what is right for you/what's important to you
  • Somewhere, somebody at some point, changed where center was
    • It's alllll about interpretation
  • Even if you have polar opposite beliefs with someone you know, you can still be friends


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